Brain Surgery Helps a Mute Man Speak

A surgical procedure performed by a team from Boston University, Massachusetts led by Professor Frank Guenther, has enabled a mute man to speak again. An electrode implanted in the patient's brain made it possible for the patient to produce vowels by thinking them, using a speech synthesizer. In the future, this breakthrough may help patients with similar injuries produce entire sentences, using signals from their brains.

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Lord Anubis3701d ago

this sort of news makes me happy. We are progressing so fast that when i get old and grumpy in the future there would be a cure for that.

Hellsvacancy3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

This is a nice little piece of news on N4g - 4once

I wonder wot his 1st words will be "bollocks now ive gotta speak to the wife" lol

user94220773701d ago

lol @ Hellsvacancy

This is some awesome news.

funkeystu3700d ago

methinks we just need to figure out a way to do the reverse on certain individuals :P

Seriously though that's a really awesome idea - it doesn't help him speak per se, but rather allows him to control a voice synthesiser through thought. It does sound like it needs a bit of development though, the "long-term goal is to have the patient produce words directly within five years"