PS3 game sales disappoint EA

The videogame publisher with the largest market share in PlayStation 3 titles reported last week that sales of games for the platform were less than expected during the holidays.

During a conference call elaborating on financial results for the quarter ended Dec. 31, Electronic Arts executive VP Frank Gibeau said the publisher was "disappointed" at the tie-ratio of PS3 games sold to each system purchased.

EA holds a 32% share of PS3 game revenue based on $41 million in orders from retailers and distributors (900,000-plus units at $44.99 wholesale) through the holiday quarter.

That's far fewer games than sold during the Xbox 360 launch in 2005. Then, EA filled orders for Xbox 360 games totaling $76 million (1.69 million units at $44.99 wholesale). Both platforms suffered from manufacturing problems that kept supplies tight at launch.

Xbox 360 revenue for the quarter was up 126% to $172 million, while PS2 revenue declined 19% to $400 million.

Gibeau attributed the lower PS3 game tie-ratio at launch to "the eBay effect," with many early purchasers more intent on selling their systems for a profit than buying games. Although he did not provide figures, Gibeau said PS3 tie-ratios have improved appreciably during January.

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power of Green 4299d ago (Edited 4299d ago )

Good job on NBA Street Home Court EA!, the visuals, Physics and gamplay are beyond what i thought possible for EA. You have to try it DL the demo on XBL it's the best BB game ever i wish standard BB games were made this well. Keep the games coming to the 360 nevermind the PS3.

UrbanJabroni4299d ago

What happened to the "EA's profits up because of the PS3 article?"


True Gamer4299d ago

Don't you know that the PS3 dying will hurt the Gaming Industry.

MissAubrey4299d ago

1. Not everybody can afford a ps3
2. Not everyone likes sports!
3. How many ps3's are out there?

BIadestarX4299d ago

Well, lots of developer are trying to close their eyes to that reality. At least EA can make their money with other consoles until the PS3 have a large enough installbase to have a Return of investment. What about games exclusive to the PS3? Those are the ones developers and publishers have to worry about. Notice: This can change by the time the game is released. I think this is the primary reason some games are being held back for at least 1 year (MGS, FF).