Hot Hardware: ATI FirePro V8700 Workstation Graphics Card Review

Hot Hardware writes: "ATI has spent much of the last decade producing the FireGL line of high-end workstation graphics cards, regularly challenging and often times besting competing products from Nvidia's Quadro lineup. ATI's last generation of FireGL products, which we covered heavily, were excellent all around performers. It certainly wasn't perfect (a bit too loud, a bit too expensive), but was definitely solid improvements over the generation of FireGL cards which preceded it. Now in late 2008, we're seeing ATI / AMD's first moves to eventually kill off the long-known FireGL brand. Its replacement? The ATI FirePro."


* Massive Price/Performance Improvements
* Low Noise Cooling
* DisplayPort and Dual-Link DVI Ports


* RV770 GPU Heat Concerns
* Improved price point, but still pricey at $1,499

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