GameCyte Indie Review: I-Fluid (PC)

GameCyte writes: "When I got a press release telling me that a new indie game was added to Steam, and that its main purpose was to "experience life from the perspective of a drop of water," I knew I had to try it. I-Fluid, developed by French studio Exkee, sounded intriguing, to say the least. Then again, the description did make it sound like one of those indie titles…

Thankfully, despite my initial worries I-Fluid is not one of those games that tries too hard to be all existential and artistic, like some of the indie fare I've seen at E3 in recent years. (I'm not saying they're bad, but sometimes I see a non-game game and think, "Why?") So instead of thinking of I-Fluid as a game where you experience life as a drop of water, think of it as Marble Madness, but with a water droplet instead of marbles, a quicker pace, platforming, photorealistic graphics, and a physics-based sandbox environment for each stage. That's a much better description than its little tagline blurb, even if it's not quite as impressive sounding."

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