PS5 exclusive Returnal is weird and brilliant – and Sony needs more like it

Sony’s PS5 exclusives should become more diverse. Returnal is weird. Brilliant, but undoubtedly bizarre. While the PS5 exclusive is a masterclass in blending the ever-changing levels and permadeath of roguelikes into a game that otherwise looks like a blockbuster third-person shooter, it’s not the kind of game you typically expect on this scale from Sony.

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Thundercat77950d ago (Edited 950d ago )

"It’s the first time we’ve seen Sony give its blockbuster limelight to a game such as this, and - from what we’ve played so far - it pays off massively."

Returnal is getting a lot of positive praise. Can't wait for Friday to get it.

Some media are even calling it a" Metroid Souls " game 😀.

victorMaje950d ago

With this game I went from:
"Ooooh, interesting, I like."
"Wow, day 1!"
& now:
"Is it not April 30th already? What the hell's wrong with TIME!"

seanpitt23950d ago

You should never wish time away... time is very precious

Rhythmattic949d ago


Deep,and somewhat of topic, but soooooo in topic.
When we are kids , we just want to get older, and when older we embrace what it meant to be young.
What you posted is so on point as the games name... so fitting.

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RpgSama950d ago

I love it how the media wants to make it seem as if Sony plays it safe at all times, just in the last couple of years we got Death Stranding, Concrete Genie, Dreams, Erica, Astro, just to name a few.

950d ago
Thundercat77950d ago

Is true!!! No thee company is taking more risks and is more diverse than Sony.

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Father__Merrin950d ago

That's what I wanted this to be a breakout game like souls was where everyone wants to play it.

And guess which console it's on? Also the graphics are better than anything else out there, I've just redeemed my humble monthly shenmue 3, f1 2020 etc can anyone point to a game on humble bundle indie gala or fanatical that can rival this?

peppeaccardo950d ago

Looks interesting, I wonder how will be the longevity of the game .... for $70 better make it VERY replayable !!

Highrevz950d ago

If a rouges done right, and it sounds like this one Is then the replay value is insane. I love nothing more then exploring new areas or mixing up items/enemies which is why I play a lot of randomiser mods on games.

This genre isn’t for everyone but the popularity of rouge like games is on the rise.

The story might not be worth $70 but that’ doesn’t mean the gameplay or content isn’t. Hope it does well and it’s one of the few titles to interest me into getting a ps5

peppeaccardo946d ago

I just read that a playthrough is 90-120 minutes long (in which you cannot save).
I am not totally sold on the $70 ... more so here in Italy the base version is €80 ($96 US) meanwhile the deluxe edition is €90 ($108). So for as much as i like shooters and random generated maps, the fleshy colors and gameplay is not worth thata much money FOR ME. Enjoy !!

Flawlessmic950d ago

Im sick of hearing about 70 dollars, its bloody 120 in australia u dont see me whinging, the length of a gane does not equate to quality.

I would take a solid and enjoyable 20-30 hrs over somethibg like AC valhalla drawn out padded and boring 100+ hrs.

If if its great game then it is worth the money, the length doesnt play a part.

Not to msntion this is the tyoe of game that will have tons of replayabilty

thecodingart950d ago (Edited 950d ago )

I'm sick of people trying to justify a $10 price hike for games this generation. Especially when I have friends flat out not buying games due to Game Pass....

950d ago
Flawlessmic950d ago


Well buy an xbox then and play good to average games at a lower cost.

Go ahead and point out the major exclusives xbox has had over the last 5 years, tgere has been nothing of note, sonys 2020 alone blow microsfts whole last gen out of the water.

If i need to pay 10 dollars extra for truly great experiences that make me sit there and go wow as apposed to having a stack of games available that ill play for a little bit then uninstall i know which option im choosing.

Quality over quantity all day everyday and twice on sunday!!

Go back to ur game pass hole and jerk off over it which is all u people seem to do.

neutralgamer1992950d ago (Edited 950d ago )


I am ok with $70 of it means complete games that don't need 40GB of day one patches along with micro transactions (issue is even with a price hike these greedy publishers will still include microtransactions)

That's a totally different issue into itself. Ms are really focused on GP but it will only take off and stays consistent when their 20+ studios get up and running and start releasing games consistently. It's a good service currently with potential to be great down the road

But sony does it's own thing and their focus is making huge AAA exclusives that move hardware/psn plus memberships. And TBH I don't want sony to change because they have been hyper successful doing their thing for decades now.

Ms on the other hand started as the 3rd console and 4th console release later they are still solidly at 3rd(so they are more inclined to take chances)

When gamers say sony needs their version of GP I simply ask do we want all 3 to offer the same experiences? Sony and nintendo could offer retro GP and still release their newer games at full price without having to put on the service day one

Sony's gamepass could include games from ps1/2/3/psp/vita

Same for nintendo

And they can put their newer releases on their service after 1 year. One thing is for sure gaming landscape is changing fast and will evolve one way or another within the next 24 months

All those games that ms have on GP from 3rd parties don't come cheap so I doubt ms makes any serious money currently. They will when they don't have to depend on 3rd parties and can support GP using their internal studios


People like you are the reason game prices go up. There's ZERO reason why these games should cost $70 now and STILL have DLC and MTX. I haven't seen ANYTHING in a $70 that wasn't in a $60 game. It's a ripoff plain and simple.

waverider950d ago

Dude, its because of the services PR talk. They try in every news downplay a game because of the price, its simple i buy the game i want. My games, not rent a game.

Chevalier950d ago

Exactly. It's like complaining that the movie you went to watch was only 2 hours when LotR was 3 hrs. Notice comparatively speaking how there are less complaints about bang for your buck for a movie vs a game for example. If you went and enjoyed the movie it doesn't matter if it was 1 1/2 hous or 3 hours. Same for games, the enjoyment you take out is going to be different for everyone. I would rather play a well told shorter experience like The Last of Us for example instead of grinding for a 100 hours in AC Valhalla. So I agree with you. Games are pricey for us outside of the U.S. so its ridiculous to see the constant $70 argument, it's like you know what don't buy it then, wait for a sale, those actually happen 😀

FlintGREY950d ago

Is everyone here pretending like the N64 didn't exist? How many of you were complaining about $70 games then? Everything goes up in price after a while...

Chevalier950d ago

Another example. You go to a bookstore, one book in a completely different genre let's say romance its 500 pages is $9.99 or you can buy the fantasy sci-fi book you want its 'only' 300 pages, which one has more 'value'? Or let's say you're book is now $12.99 do you buy the $12.99 book you were looking forward to or the $9.99 book that has twice the pages in a slightly similar vein?

While we're at it why don't we compare the $60 games in the 80s that were 8 bit to now. Don't like then don't buy it then. There's sales regularly so it's not like you're going to wait long

Platinum_k950d ago

Its $80+tax here in Canada.

Teflon02950d ago


In Canada when PS4, Xbone, dropped games were $60 like the US as we had a better dollar up until about then. We didn't pay less for having a better dollar. We paid the same anyways so we technically paid more for the games by US price. But by Canadians we see prices the same in dollar value. Games jumped from $60 to $80 during the generation and when PS4 and Xbox dropped from $400 to ,$300. We literally got em going for 379.99. tbh I find the US ppl crying pretty silly when now Canadians pay $100 after tax for a single game without the deluxe on those $70 games. Canadians didn't out of thin air make 150% what they did the year before. But we're buying. Ps5 after taxes was 703 or something here. You guys gotta be humbled a bit because gaming prices have been way worse and really imo the only price complaints should be directed at Nintendo for rereleases being full price or more than on WiiU and never dropping prices. Outside of that. If devs are trying to make sure they're maxing profits, shouldn't be complaining because if they get shut down everyone's the bad guy but the players

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on_line_forever950d ago

Sony need JRPG we need games like vagrant story remake , legend of dragon remake , parasite eve 1& 2 remake

Knushwood Butt950d ago

Got my pre-order in.

Just need to cycle down to pick it up on Friday. Hope it isn't raining.

Thundercat77950d ago (Edited 950d ago )

I pre ordered digitally but if it was physically, I would go to pick it up even if it's raining ☔.