Tales of Arise Won't Support Any Multiplayer, Has Full Focus On Story

Bandai Namco has confirmed in a recent interview that the upcoming Tales of Arise won't come with any multiplayer support.

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GottaBjimmyb47d ago

Do they mean like coop? Not sure I understand what this even means otherwise.

FallenAngel198447d ago

Most Tales of game had co-op that allowed multiple players to take control of party members in battle

Vengeance113849d ago

That confirms it'll truly be one of the best entries in the series!

King_Noctis48d ago

Why does a JRPG need multiplayer?

lucian22948d ago

It used to be fun back in the day to tackle the bosses and do combos together.

But it was easier back then with how the camera was kinda 2d side scroller; i doubt multi-player would work well with this one anyway.

rpvenom47d ago

Not gon lie but Granblue Fantasy relink looks incredibly fun with coop.. so I assume it be the case here.

TimelessDbz48d ago

Well that sucks. Multiplayer rpg should be a standard at this point.

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The story is too old to be commented.