Nier Replicant Supports 1080p On PS4 and 1440p On X1X

Nier Replicant is a remake of the original Nier that was first released for the PS3 and Xbox 360. Unfortunately there is no native current-gen version.


Admin note: there is no next-gen version, so title changed to reflect that rather than give impression that PS5/XSX versions exist when they're supported via BC.

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Shiken151d ago

Yeah I have to agree. Nier Automata was native 4k and 60fps on Series X due to the X1X having a dynamic scaler for resolution (that Series X just always maxed without frame drops in BC).

You cannot tell me that this game could not have had a 4k dynamic scaler on the One X like Automata did. So even in terms of gen 8, it isn't really pushing anything.

Shiken151d ago

lmao at the disagrees. Nothing I stated wasn't fact, the 1X and Pro can do more than what we are seeing based on Automata.

Ahytys151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

The thing is, I think, that rarely do japanese developers care that much about graphics... unless it's Kojima

AnnaDea151d ago

Bring on the ps5 4k patch then!

AnnaDea151d ago

I like that you get 6 dislikes from stating the obvious.

N4g and their extreme curled entitled users xD


The dislikes are due to the double standards perpetuated by console warriors.

When a game looks/performs better on PS5 than the Series X, the reason for this gap is said to be a “hardware limitation” and we hear the moronic “Guess that means the PS5 is the REAL most powerful console!”

But when the shoe is on the foot and the Series X version of a game looks/performs better than it’s PS5 counterpart, then the implication is that it’s a “developer issue” and we get the equally moronic “The developers have to release a patch to fix this immediately!” while conveniently ignoring the possibility of hardware limitation on the PS5.

Babadook7151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

“The dislikes are FROM the double standards perpetuated by console warriors.”

Fixed it for you.

The shoe is not on the other foot when it’s not even a ps5 game. And you know that mr console warrior.

RazzerRedux151d ago (Edited 151d ago )


That entire rant is hilarious. I've seen all sorts of excuses when XSX versions of games were inferior to PS5s. Tools, patches, lazy has all been said. Your generalization is just idiotic. The fact of the matter is that PS5 and XSX have stood toe to toe so far in most games with only the slightest of variations between them. If anyone is calling PS5 the "most powerful console" then it is simply mocking Microsoft's own silly marketing slogan. You know....the one they don't use anymore.

As far as this game is concerned, there is no next gen version for either console and so yeah....that game is going to need a next gen patch. Why is that hard to understand?

DOMination-151d ago

I like that you forgot you switch accounts and replied to yourself

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gamer7804151d ago

Agreed they should patch this for both ps5 and Xbox series X. It should perform better. I’m going to wait on this one now.

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Father__Merrin151d ago

When are they gonna ditch the ps4pro/x1x builds and move on

darthv72151d ago

When stock is readily available for all... I assume.

Sol4ris151d ago


"Another win for the world's most powerful console"

Your comments don't seem to age particularly well, Father Ted 🤣🤣.

Father__Merrin151d ago

This isn't because of console power it's obvious to play it safe I'm assuming it's the cheapest way to port is just use pro/x1x builds

Sol4ris151d ago


"This isn't because of console power"

I know, shame you can't take a balanced view unless ut suits your narrative 😉.

Youngindy21151d ago

Sony already said they are supporting PS4 for the next 2 years at least. It'd be foolish to abandon a player base that large especially with PS5 shortages.

Pyrofire95151d ago

Next gen is basically in early access rn so I'm not surprised all that much.

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