CSM: Prince of Persia review


"Prince of Persia is both graceful and gorgeous. The cel-shaded visuals breathe new life into the franchise by adding bright colors and vibrant landscapes. Watching the prince run along walls and swing between platforms is exhilarating. Since collecting light orbs are key to unlocking new areas of the game, there's plenty of incentive to explore the restored environments. Advanced gamers may find the platforming a bit easy. Because Elika saves you every time you miss a jump, there's no real feeling that you're making perilous leaps. But this safety net makes this game a more accessible to average players.

The cooperative combat is mostly entertaining. Fighting requires you to really study your opponents' moves to properly time attacks, blocks, and counterstrikes. Adding Elika to the mix spices up the swordfights between the prince and enemies. After a while, the battles grow repetitive because all enemies employ similar fighting tactics. Fortunately, just navigating the mesmerizing environments is enough incentive to give Prince of Persia a chance."

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