Hysterical Resident Evil 8 Village Official Japanese trailer goes traditional!

Someone at Capcom's marketing department had an epiphany and decided to do something original for change. Yoshi Ikuzo is a legendary 68-year old singer in Japan who had a famous folk song where he sang about how he hated his village. Here's the Resident Evil 8 version with changed the lyrics to fit the new both funny and fantastical trailer. Enjoy!

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Limitedtimestruggle59d ago

Game promotion lvl: It's over 9000!

MehmetAlperTR59d ago

hahah what a wonderfull trailer. finger crossed for RE VIllage.

roadkillers59d ago

Game looks like it is bringing RE back to the top tier of gaming. Much like RE7, but the character movement is more fluent and enjoyable. Faster paced gameplay and beautiful. Enemy variety this far is awesome. Can't wait

59d ago
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