'Similar timeframe' for Killzone 2 in PAL regions

Speaking to this morning a Sony Computer Entertainment UK spokesperson has confirmed that Killzone 2 is being lined-up for a release in PAL territories at a "similar timeframe" to the North American release.

"We are targeting a similar timeframe for the release of Killzone 2 in the PAL regions; specific launch dates will be communicated at a later date," said the SCEUK spokesperson.

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Foxgod3697d ago

the game is developed in europe, it should be standard that euro based games get released in PAL territory first.

Kill Crow3697d ago

when Sony releases big titles at different times ...

no one buys them for some reason?

Shane Kim3697d ago

Agreed, look at MGS4 and then look at R2.
Can't they just release this world wide?

3697d ago
Rick AstIey3697d ago

I'm looking at "Little Big Fail" and all I see is a game that outscored every 360 exclusive ever made.

Take your garbage user reviews elsewhere.

Shane Kim3697d ago

Fúck you SCEA, this fúcking masterpiece is being developed here in EU. Why the fúck does it have to be released in US first?

Karum3697d ago

Why they can't just hold back the game in the US until it's ready to go out in the rest of Europe/World is beyond me.

It was really annoying having to wait so long after the US release date for R2 to play it myself in the UK. Looking forward to KZ2 even more after reading Gamespot's hands on with the SP campaign and seeing that video of the SP mode from that dutch website that was on here yesterday.

I'm expecting a later release date here but hopefully it won't be as much later as R2 was.

peeps3697d ago

looks like an import is in order like i did with ut3. only problem is stuff like servers (although i'm guessing they're worldwide) but sometimes have problems when various friends have diff regions due to patches etc and also whether dlc from the eu store would work with an american copy etc etc.

basically if i wanna play this on us release i will but just seems unnecisay. i mean the only reason eu games come out later than us is the language ffs. and we still have no idea when socom will be out here when it was released mid october in the us!!!