Unofficial Uncharted 4 60fps Patch Enables Uncapped Framerates at the Expense of Resolution

Fair warning, you may want to apply some eyedrops when checking out this unofficial Uncharted 4 60fps patch's images and video.

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Jin_Sakai50d ago

Why Naughty Dog haven’t patched Uncharted 4 or The Last of Us: Part 2 at 60fps on PS5 blows my mind. Same goes for Guerrilla Games with Horizon: Zero Dawn.

Nitrowolf250d ago

I’m surprised with Horizon since it’s out on PC now, would think a 60fps patch would be released ASAP after ps5 launch.
Maybe they are prepping some major 60fps release for a bunch of their games, doubt but one could hope

WithoutTheJamIn49d ago

Don’t bank on it. They will charge you again for a “remaster” or an “ultimate edition”.

RosweeSon48d ago

Maybe they are busy with the new game, it looked fantastic anyway 🤷🏻‍♂️

darthv7250d ago

I just played ratchet at 60 and spiderman remastered at 60. Both are game changing at the faster fps. I need to play days gone and ghost of tsushima next.

I have to say that having the ps5 and series s has really spiiled me with games running at 60fps where they did not on my pro and one x.

Master-Tonberry49d ago

I'm doing the same thing, Platinumed Ratchet and Spiderman, Ghost is next on my list and then Days gone for the first time.
On a side note, Ratchet and Clank at 60fps can more than hold it's own with anything out there right now visually,
still an absolutely stunning looking game, can't wait for Rift Apart!

ThePacemaker49d ago

If you are into fps then you should have bought Series X.

DarthMarvin48d ago

@ThePacemaker Why? To play all of the exciting Series exclusive FPS games which don't exist? O_o

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Because Sony wants to resell you the entire Uncharted Collection with 60fps at a later date

Babadook748d ago

Nah. They will either patch it for free, or rebuild it from the ground up. Might be waiting for a certain day to reveal it.

RosweeSon48d ago

That’ll be a hard sale as they gave away the trilogy recently 🤦🏻‍♂️🤣

MagicLebronJordan48d ago

They did it in the PS4 gen , Im sure they will continue it with the ps5.

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WithoutTheJamIn49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Likely because they’re going to double dip consumers for them. There’s no other feasible explanation at this point. Same goes for horizon zero dawn. Shady business practice if you ask me. I’ve just platinumed ratchet and clank at 60fps and it was game changing. Glad it was a free upgrade though!

Christopher48d ago

Because they're working on new games. Mind unblown.

TheEroica48d ago

Now you can play a dry fart of an action game with better resolution!

MagicLebronJordan48d ago

They will it will cost you 70 bucks in a remaster form.

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GoodGuy0949d ago

Actually sony shouldve had a 60fps patch for this and lou2 on the ps5 by now. But who am I kidding, theyll just "remaster" them so they can earn some extra cash lol.

excaliburps49d ago

I hope that doesn't happen. :(

Limitedtimestruggle49d ago

Microsoft destroys Sony on this backward compatibilty stuff, hands down.

SullysCigar49d ago

In fairness, Sony has far more games to worry about than Microsoft.

I would still have expected U4 and TLOU2 patches for PS5 before now though.

Limitedtimestruggle49d ago

Did you miss the 13 EA games that got 120hz support on Xbox yesterday? But I see your point. Does not change the fact that MS seem a lot more serious about us getting the most out of older titles though. For now.

OptimusDK48d ago

You are wrong - as we would only expect Sony to do something about their own games. MS is doing this on a systemlevel for all developeres who are ok with this. Hence much more work on XBOX side.

SullysCigar48d ago

^ perhaps, OptimusDK, but when you look at the reasoning behind that work - namely to give Xbox only players SOMETHING to play, SOMETHING to talk about, in the absence of new games - it seems somewhat less commendable, in my opinion.

MagicLebronJordan48d ago

@SullysCigar, exactly what does the PS5 to play right now. Neither console has really anything great at this point.

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anast48d ago

They have time. MS doesn't deal with too much original content. They should "destroy" because this is their niche: BC and Game Pass.

Master-Tonberry49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

When it comes to 60fps upgrades, this along with Lost Legacy are the big ones for me, even more than Bloodborne. I know it would be more transformative for Bloodborne but Uncharted means more to me personally, plus the other games in the series already run at 60fps so it would tie things up nicely. C'mon Naughty Dog / Sony, do it for the players!

AnnaDea49d ago

Would love some Naughty Dogs titles in 60fps for the PS5.

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