PS5 Exclusive Godfall Has Been Rated For PS4 by PEGI

Godfall is a PS5 exclusive launch game that was also released on PC. It appears that the game might arrive on the PS4 according to a recent rating.

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RaidenBlack60d ago

hmm ... so same time as Xbox release, since it was a 6 months PS5-PC exclusive?
Is another game also coming to PS4, the one which was accidentally revealed/leaked?

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badz14960d ago

what is this narrative? just like every other xbox games out there, I thought we already agreed that Godfall is not an exclusive?

AngelicIceDiamond60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

We knew a long time ago it wasn't exclusive. What we didn't know it was a last gen game. Sony built this up as a next gen only game. Is it a big deal? No, not particularly however Sony did tell another lie or at least heavily alluded or conditioned is bin to thinking this was only next gen.

badz14960d ago


this is not a Sony's game

InUrFoxHole59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

Let me help you out then. We were told that sony believed in "generations". So the narrative was the games were going to focus on ps5. Come to find out... no we believe in cross gen. Not only that but for some stupid reason were doing timed exclusive within our brand.

Tedakin60d ago

You mean Returnal? That's rumored for PS4 release too.

RaidenBlack60d ago

Nope not that one. The one I am referring to was mistakenly revealed by Sony themselves.

Zhipp60d ago

I'm guessing he's referring to Demon's Souls. Why he has to be cryptic about it is a mystery to me, though.

Zeref60d ago

So it was never a "True nextgen game"

darthv7260d ago (Edited 60d ago )

There wont be any true next gen games for another year or two. All the ones released and releasing this year are ones that started out on prior gen dev kits and got shifted to ps5.

Even ones like ratchet and gt7 are likely able to run on ps4 so maybe they too will get released after the fact.

RaidenBlack60d ago

Returnal too. Its basically an UE4 game running dynamic ~ 4K/60 on the PS5.
Might as well run at 1080p/30 on the PS4 if tried.
Can't say about Rift Apart though. If its made centered around the SSD, then PS4 might be a no go.

BehindTheRows60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

Wrong about Ratchet. Wrong about GT (you can't prove otherwise while we know what those games are doing that couldn't be done on PS4). Demon's Souls is out (absolutely no indication it started as a PS4 game), Returnal is on the way (again, nothing suggests PS4 code at all). Thus, yes, there are "true" next gen games already out and more headed out for 2021 (though I get it, since they're PlayStation games, this is the hill we choose to die on).

OT: In any event, don't know what the procedure was for this game, but obviously, they were able to downsize it for the previous gen. I can only imagine such a decision was to maximize profits.

smashman9860d ago

Not the case for Ratchet. Those setpieces we witnessed at e3 would literally not be possible on anything slower than an SSD. In fact as fast as the SSD is they still had to use tricks to make it seem seamless.

chiefJohn11760d ago (Edited 60d ago )

Facts, the travel time in the dimension between worlds in RandC would be a bit longer (the dimension is a loading zone)but yeah it would be playable on ps4

RaidenBlack60d ago

What do you reckon would be the game that won't be possible on the previous gen but would next-gen only?
Other than unoptimized 2077.

IRetrouk60d ago

A bit longer? It's entire level loads, you would be waiting in the portal for ages on last gen hardware lol you guys are funny man

darthv7259d ago

In regards to Ratchet, looking at the demo play throughs you can see they play the same. In almost a linear fashion. Which could mean the portals are scripted instead of player choice / random. Once the final game releases, i expect reviewers to try and jump through portals and steer themselves into any, not just what is in front of them.

If they cannot, and it is only a linear experience then the game could have come to ps4. Obviously the game will really look better on a 5 but given how the remake looked on a 4... this one could work on a 4 as well.

IRetrouk59d ago

Linear or not, it still has to load in massive amounts of new data, I didnt say it couldn't run, I said you would be staring at a loading screen for ages, which you would🤷‍♂️

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Games writers who over hype Games should be held accountable for their shit.
They are most likely being paid for their "opinion".
There are few if any next gen Games on either console.

Hawk19866660d ago

Who cares game absolutely sucks! Probably straight to PS Plus

rdgneoz360d ago

Would be a decent PS+ game, but not really worth the $60 price tag if you had to pay for it.

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InUrFoxHole59d ago

You should care. Even with crappy games these companies will give the run around

Limitedtimestruggle60d ago

Game looked quite boring and shallow to begin with. A typical “shiny bling bling” next-gen title quickly forgotten.

waverider60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

Still much better then the competition got at launch... that were zero new games and after 6 months it didnt change much... but just keep waiting for.

AngelicIceDiamond60d ago

But, but, Xbox! That's right when in doubt blame something that has absolutely nothing to do with this piece of news.

waverider60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

it does when player are now starting with the excuse that it doesnt worth 60 or 50 or whatever because of services. more, when they dont even got a PS5. Every style of game got their games. I like this kind of games, like Dynasty Warriors and slashers. Its an amazing game, no. Should it be free, of course not. Some dont understand that studios cant make games if their games dont sell well. Maybe when services got 200 or 300 millions subscribers they can have profit. Right now they wont have and not in the next years. Except when the corporation pays millions and millions to get the game.

smashman9860d ago

you're both pathetic. Stop fanboying over companies that don't give 2 shits about you.

AngelicIceDiamond60d ago

'it does when player are now starting with the excuse that it doesnt worth 60 or 50 or whatever because of services."

What does this have to do with this piece of news? Nobody talked about the other console except you here.

Your reactionary, emotional response was to blame and point fingers at something else. You realize that's a 5 year old does right?

You're just doing your civil duty as a fanboy I suppose, you can't help it.

waverider60d ago

Not really. Almost all the comments were how this game isnt worth the price and it should be free or bashing the game.. because there the idea that service games are free. When they arent. The reality is that you will spend hundreds of dollars and wont ever own a game. Thats services for you. Your reaction is because what i told its true... otherwise you wouldnt spend time saying that im a fanboy, 5 year old...

AngelicIceDiamond60d ago

"When they arent. The reality is that you will spend hundreds of dollars and wont ever own a game."

What are you trying to say how is this related to this news.

JustTheFax60d ago

I think what you mean to say is the series x got zero xbox exclusives, because it got plenty of new games.

InUrFoxHole59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

What does this have to do with xbox? They have their own problems. This is about something else. Avoiding the situation is the mark of a piss poor leader.

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