Lady Dimitrescu Needs to Make the Internet Regret Their Infatuation With Her

Lady Dimitrescu's become the internet's favorite vampire, but how do we make her the internet's favorite Resident Evil villain?

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SullysCigar90d ago

Who's infatuated? I'm not infatuated! You are.

-Foxtrot90d ago

Meh, she seems pretty slow in the gameplay shown, doesn't seem like much of a threat like Mr X.

Plus the areas seem more open so you have more room to go around her, unlike the smaller narrow corridors and rooms in RE2.

90d ago
annoyedgamer90d ago

Yea but I dont simp for real women either since they are actual vampires

TheEnigma31390d ago

Only ones idolizing her are losers who are scared of real women.


Ease up on the shaming language. We already have the MSM telling men that they’re misogynists/incels.

90d ago
justadelusion90d ago

i get the sense someone is projecting a bit there, was your therapist on vacation this week?

SenorFartCushion90d ago

It’s more like the opposite.

Simps are mostly virgin creeps with no life, but this woman isn’t even real, which means there’s a semblance of normalcy to the fans.

stefd7590d ago

She gives me the horn and gives my wife a wide on too

Ninver89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

Speak your mind man. Don't hold back for nothing. No matter what you say or do people will judge. I'm so sick of people getting offended by reality and common sense. It's time for mankind to reclaim their balls.

SenorFartCushion89d ago

This comment shows incel problem number 1.

You’re obsessed with being bullied by people better than yourselves 😂

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Father__Merrin90d ago

There needs to be a changing scene ie being tied down and getting forced to watch her getting changed whilst other vampires and sucking your blood. Combine that with photo mode will make people do lots of playthrough

DarXyde90d ago

You've given this some thought. Fair enough.

I suspect she's terrifying and Capcom is about to hurt a lot of feelings. With this fancy new technology to play with, I hope I'm right.

Also, yeah, to one of the comments above, it really isn't like anything atypical when you think about the internet.

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The story is too old to be commented.