Dead Or Alive 6's Year Of Support Is An Embarrassment To Modern Fighters

Dead or Alive 6 was supported by the developer for one year and we've heard nothing for an entire year after about what is happening with the series.

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bunt-custardly649d ago

They added how much $$$ worth of DLC costumes? I think a lot of fans are probably sick of this practice other than the die-hards or those with deep pockets. Unlike other fighting games, adding more costumes brings nothing new to the table. The core game is very much the same as it was on release. With the free to play Venus Vacation or whatever it is called, there is a real chance they could add plenty new fighters from there, but they choose not to.

TricksterArrow649d ago

DoA is becoming a meme at this point. It used to be a fighting game with some sexy fighters, now it’s the other way around. Rather go to a porn site. Cheaper.

isarai649d ago

Usually i didnt care about the DLC because the games were packed with enough content on there own imo. But 6 is a f#@king disgrace, not only is it the least amount of constumes i've ever seen in a fighter period, they are the lamest and most generic bland outfits in the series. Seriously when Zack only has business suits and some ufc shorts, you done messed up. So much of this game screams of low effort, really shook my confidence in team ninja

autobotdan649d ago

Dead or Alive 6 never made a EVO tournament

Terry_B649d ago

Doa 3,4,5,6 were just DOA 2 with more characters and more sexy costumes anyway. Even Tekken evolved more.

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