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XBA says: Outriders is a shlooter with a ton of potential and just as many issues.

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jukins56d ago

Dont hear to many talking playing this one anynore

NeoGamer23256d ago

I've only played this for a few hours. I would not say it is a 67. More like in the mid 70's. So yes it is mediocre.

There are a lot of games on game pass that are 80+. You obviously don't like game pass but there are 10's of millions of gamers that think otherwise. So, your need to make randomly negative comments about XB, XB Games, and GamePass are just that. Randomly negative comments.

To me GamePass is a tool to help save me money. And it is saving me money. I buy a lot of games, and GamePass helps me prioritize the best games to buy. So, while you have nothing better to do then slam GamePass, I am happily subscribed to GamePass Ultimate, PS+ and PSNow and using them all to save me money on my gaming purchases.

Lostbytes56d ago

This game had its 5 minutes of fame. (at least for me) Nothing left to do or grind for....finished all the content. Glad i did not buy this one. Yay Game pass.