More New RTX 3080 Ti Details Revealed in New Leak Including Possible Price – Update

A new leak suggests that the upcoming new RTX 3080 Ti is releasing next month with more details.


Possible release date of RTX 3080 Ti and release window of RTX 3070 added

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masterfox279d ago

I hope digital currency like bitcoin crashes, I see it as one of the biggest scams happening at the moment in the whole world, it doesn't make any sense to change something tangible to something non existent, just because some 0s and 1s make a special combination doesnt mean I should ask to buy a house with a god damn locked binary number, but hey lots of people fall so easely cause of speculators and because these few people can screw a lot more people that doesn't had to do anything with it ,
I mean how dumb is that even in the definition of what bitcoin is, it mentions the following , " the identity of the person or person s who created the technology is still a mistery" , I mean holy damn! , and world economy market places are taking this seriously ? , is beyond belief how ridiculuos this is, and yeah sorry this was a kinda rant cause I cant get a freaking new gpu at normal price lol, X'D

AlucardChristian279d ago

perfectly normal dude. just like you, i can't get a new gpu because of the abnormal prices. and heck with my country's taxes, prices are almost double. FML.

Sayai jin279d ago (Edited 279d ago )

Have you troed Twitter and Discord alerts to get notified the second the new GPUs are up for sell? It dows work. I got a a 3080 using that method. Gave my son my 2060 Super. Tried Neweggs lottery and other stuff to get another one. Then went back to using twitter and grabbed one for my son. The 2060 Super then went to my youngest.

Just search console GPU restock. Good luck.

anubusgold278d ago

@Sayai jin The bots are watching the discord and youtube and twitter as well once a card comes up its instant bought or the bots crash the site on purpose if they have good stock so they can steal them all when site is crashing or down.

plmkoh279d ago

Lmao you have zero understand with what's going on.

But keep crying and get left behind.

Takwin279d ago

Exactly. So, techie people on this site on the internet seem clueless. Imagine how out of touch many others are. They are all getting left behind. Crypto and blockchain is absolutely, undeniably the future of almost everything.

plmkoh278d ago


Why should I entertain your rhetoric when there are thousands of quality dumb down content explaining the industry and situation on the internet.

Hilarious how people can't even help themselves except stare at clouds and shout at them.

CDbiggen278d ago

What rhetoric? I just said "what's going on?" Please enlighten us and don't be so rude.

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Takwin279d ago

Bitcoin and all of crypto is here to stay. It is the future of the world economy, Web 3.0, DeFi, and more. People will look back on 2020/21 and wish they had invested more.

annoyedgamer278d ago

The central banks of the world are launching their own cryptocurrencies. They wont pass up a chance to get us all on tracable digital currency.

278d ago
kryteris278d ago (Edited 278d ago )

The majority of gpu's are sold to gamers. Blame capitalism and poor planning for low stock. and [email protected]$ prices. Support evga and amd as they have been fair.

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vTuro24279d ago

Nice, can't wait for more "out of stock" and 3x msrp prices!

278d ago
Father__Merrin278d ago

It's laughable talking about possible price points for nvidia and amd new cards

anubusgold278d ago

I got a 3070 but i really wanted a 3080 and newegg price gouging on launch day hurt me as well they wanted 830 dollars for a 3080 on launch day i wouldnt pay that price at the time.

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