Warzone director ‘upset cheaters are ruining some of the best work in my life’

"No one hates the cheaters more than we do,” says Raven Software's Amos Hodge

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kenpachi893d ago

The lag spikes are ruining it for me

GamerRN892d ago

I say just design the game using true server information and there are ways to make it unhackable. It's more expensive but better for the game

InUrFoxHole890d ago

Problem 1,2,3,4 and 5... more expensive. They don't give a flying Fook about gamers!

NeoGamer232892d ago

Call of Duty was dead to me long ago. I made the mistake of buying it near day one this past holiday because I though Cold War looked interesting. Got to the stealth mission in the evening at the Russian compound and the game kept freezing and rebooting on me. Lag was awful for me on multiplayer (Even though I have 1Gbps Internet). Put it aside, and chalked it up as a lesson on not to buy another CoD game near day one.

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frostypants892d ago (Edited 892d ago )

Lag spikes and classic CoD broken lag compensation.

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franwex893d ago

There will always be cheaters, but his employer could have some counter measures.

Oh by the way. Excellent job with War zone.

You guys seriously got me through a very difficult part of my life over the past year. I have made great memories and cemented friendships due to War Zone. Thank you guys.

blackblades893d ago

Didn't Sony had a patent for something about cheating.

Zhipp892d ago

Practically everybody does. Problem is there are always ways around them.

REDGUM893d ago

Good to hear you are on the up. Stay strong & stay safe franwex.

Yui_Suzumiya893d ago

I'm still wanting Raven to do a Singularity 2 or even reboot Heretic or Hexen

oakshin892d ago

I forgot about singularity I played that multiplayer for a while thought it was good they went all out making every class unique I believe sniper was that 8 legged wall crawler medic was a human or something like that if ps+/ps now/gamepass was around then that game would of been popular

zero_jp893d ago (Edited 893d ago )

If that’s the case then why have they continued to allow PC players to play against console users knowing for a fact that all of the cheating is coming from them? Please explain that one to me Activision because I’m fascinated to know.

I mean literally one group of players is the problem and one group only and that’s PC players. They could right now as we speak fix the cheating problem for millions of players world wide and for the majority of the community the console base.

But they haven’t and they won’t. So I don’t want to hear him or anyone else employed by Activision talking about how much they hate cheating since they’ve literally forced PC players and all of the cheaters that come with them upon console users.

Vegamyster893d ago

They let hackers ruin the older CoD's on consoles as well during the 360/PS3 era so its no surprise given how much money they make off of all the cosmetics now. Heck just remove crossplay with F2P users with a setting and both platforms would be a lot better, cheating is pretty much a non issue in normal lobbies of the full paid game.

lsujester893d ago

Unless you're TGD, in which case YOU are the cheat.

MTVBG892d ago

You can just disable crossplay. Console users are not forced to play with PC players.

It's like the first or second option under the accounts settings, so it's not like it's hidden or anything.

And yes, they can complain about it, considering how many people out there crossplay in teams with their friends.

MTVBG889d ago


Turns out they actually disabled this for Xbox players. See comments below. My bad.

Aussiesummer892d ago

Dude you can literally turn it off.

InUrFoxHole890d ago

Not on xbox. Link a current (today) video if you can. They purposely patched this to force xbox users to play with pc.

MTVBG889d ago

InUrFoxHole is actually correct, it turns out. They removed the option to do it on Xbox. That is bizarre.

You can disable crossplay through the Xbox One settings, but apparently you then can't find any Warzone games.

That is garbage.

Cheating on console does occur (there's actually a specific controller cheat problem with console players right now that I as a PC player have had to deal with), but I understand if console players would prefer to avoid PC play because it's probably more prevalent from PC players.

Looking into it briefly, it seems Activision don't want people disabling crossplay; Sony fought for the ability, Microsoft rolled over.

KyRo893d ago

Warzone has gave me great memories and friendships through lockdown but Raven taking credit for Infinity Wards creation is a bit rich. Since raven took over Warzone it's been in its worst state since release. Let's hope now that theyve put their own spin on verdansk with 1984 version that they take a bit more pride in their work 🤞