Brazzers: The Game arrives on PC and mobile devices

This is the first game of the brand that is one of the largest adult film companies today

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Sunny_D764d ago

I’m going to play this for the plot.

Puty764d ago

I'm going to play it for the platinum trophy.

Yeah, I know it's not available on PlayStation xD

Sonic-and-Crash763d ago (Edited 763d ago )

this game has steep learning curve .... its difficult to play with one hand

strayanalog764d ago

I'm sure it's deep, but the gameplay is stiff.

Fist4achin764d ago

Controller drift is not an STD.

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PS-Gamer-1986764d ago (Edited 764d ago )

I never heard of brazzers😳

LordoftheCritics764d ago

You've been playing too many video games.

kayoss764d ago

I’m going to play this for Science.

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Aussiesummer764d ago

Oooof course it does 💩🤡🤡 28169;

sardinepacker41764d ago

Never heard of it , is it an RPG or something?

Michiel1989764d ago

yes it is indeed a rectal penetration game

Rebel_Scum764d ago

Its a roguelike where cumming is death so you start from the beginning again when you bust a nut.

kevinsheeks764d ago

I'm going to play as a wizard and conquer the tower :)

aaronaton764d ago

Hopefully the protagonist accepts my micro-transactions.

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