GI.Biz: How Big is Big Enough?

GI.Biz writes: "British publisher Eidos is back on the auction block, if a report in national newspaper The Daily Mail is to be believed. Admittedly, anything written in the Mail deserves to be taken with a pinch of salt, but it's so rare for the tabloid to write anything about videogames that isn't "Murder Simulators Make Toddlers Stab Each Other With Spoons" that a sober report on the games business actually ends up with a peculiar aura of believability about it.

Besides, the industry itself has been abuzz with this particular rumour all week - and more importantly, it makes sense. Eidos has had what might charitably be described as an awful year. Top management have quit, studios have been closed, and the dread word - "restructuring" - has loomed over the company, the corporate equivalent of vultures flying overhead."

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