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happyface3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

wow, kojima-san is a traitor after all

I'm very angry about this, ps3 needs at least ONE big exclusive that MS doesn't steal away

this is NOT fair

Twizlex3696d ago

It's just a rumor, calm down. There is no actual "war" and there can't be "traitors". You kids are so dramatic. Besides, the power button looks the same on all consoles, so it doesn't mean it's not on PS3. All it says is "Next".

The Dark Knight3696d ago

a remake of the original!?!

that would be cool..

and im talking about the NES verion

etownone3696d ago

stop crying, your happyface remember!!

put on that happyface


Critical_Hit3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

It looks like Metal Gear AC!D to me; for the iPhone perhaps...

i for iPhone and ! for AC!D [i + !]

barom3696d ago

maybe it's the name of the next title. Metal Gear POWER! or something lol. Doesn't really tell us anything though

Lord Anubis3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

its named MGST so i wonder what the T stands for.

Perhaps it's Metal Gear Solid Touch (me) (DS or iPhone)

or if it's for the 360 it would definitely be called Metal Gear Solid Tranny

ConanOBrien3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

MGST = MGS Trilogy (MGS1-3) for 360? a set of 3 DVDs
MGS4 = still PS3 exclusive

Danja3696d ago

Most likely it's for the DSi im guessing..

DSi = i
Ac!d = !
...the power button symbol.. = game on..? lol...

just a guess...

lokiroo4203696d ago

The power symbol does not have a dot in it you tools!

Jamegohanssj53696d ago

Well if you PS3 owners remember our power button is green and looks similar to that. In fact a lot of power buttons look like that. It's Metal Gear Raiden for PSTriple. Get over it.


NewZealander3696d ago

my question is even if the green doesnt mean xbox, then why would konami use that colour, i know its probably acid but surely they would know that would get xbox fans hyped, so is it just a coincidence that its green or are they trying to get a reaction from the 360 camp also.

my bet is there will be a 360 version in the works, i mean there has been a acid game on the origonal xbox before so whats to stop it happening again.

mikeslemonade3696d ago

Why would they hint the system they are developing for? Kojima has no benefit and he makes the same amount of money regardless if it's exclusive or multiplatform. The publisher Konami obviously wants multiplatform, but I just don't see a publisher going out of there way to hint which system the next game is going to be on. I don't see how Konami would force Kojima Productions to make a teaser on which system the next game is going to be on. The hint is most likely what kind of game it is not what system. And lastly there would be no benefit to make it exclusive for 360.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

I'm not sure if you know this but all the consoles have that button to turn on or off the console.

There was a trading card game for the original XBOX?

Jamegohanssj53696d ago

Okay after reading and looking into this it may be Metal Gear Ac!d for the iPhone. "i""!" makes sense doesn't it?


ChickeyCantor3696d ago

It's not fair?
You know whats not fair? Gamers who won't be playing a game because its exclusive and not everyone has the damn money to own all 3.

PirateThom3696d ago

The same could be said of any game.

You know what's not fair?

The fact Gears of War 2 is exclusive to 360 and my best friend's girl only has a Master System!

Arsenic133696d ago

I hate your kind. Stupid Japanophile. Stop worshiping them. Honor codes and bullshit, this is a business the main thing in mind is PROFIT. Go take some lessons and stop worshiping ppl. Keep looking in the mirror cursing your non Japanese features.

solidt123696d ago

Wow, they are already talking about another Metal Gear. I am exited!

ChickeyCantor3696d ago

What gave you the idea I wasn't talking in general?

prowiew3696d ago

A next metal gear is.. i + ! = O.
green = money
power symbol = power
money + power = microsoft money.
microsoft money = kojima with more money and power.

Got to be something like that

callahan093696d ago

I don't know if you realize this, but this message has nothing to do with Microsoft or the 360. The Wii has a two lower-case i's. This teaser has one lower-case i, and one exclamation point (UPSIDE DOWN lower-case i). The symbol after the equals sign is the same symbol that's on the power button for the Wii.

Sarick3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

i + ! = O

Look + Excitement = Power On Metal Gear.

Translation : I'm excited Metal Gear is powered on! We have the *GREEN* light!

The I means *Look* or *me*
The ! means excitement or to be caught off guard.
The green power button means it's turned on.

A green color is also symbolic of GO or start, If it was red it'd be stop, fail or off. If it was Yellow it'd be neutral.

Having Metal Gear at the bottom just freaks of anticipation. Green doesn't always mean 360 it also means go, power on or start. Using auto-translate on FFXI teaches shorthand translation.

For the disagrees, I guess we'll wait and see. I'm not saying it will or won't be on a particular console, just pointing out what I'm seeing in the translation. If there is something else you disagree with feel free to enlighten me over PM.

Mainman3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

This hint has nothing to do with which system it will be on. Because it is not Kojima style.

I think this is hint of some kind to the next Metal Gear game (be it, story, gameplay mechanic or even a date).

i+!= power button with a question-mark in it. Hmmmm, beats me, but the power button could mean, making a full circle? If you consider the ! to be synonymous to MGS.

It is a ! with a circle around it. The beggining is the end and the end is the beginning? Maybe he is hinting MG1 and MG2 remake? Doubt it though.

Or maybe it is a hint at showing MGS in a different perspective? If you symbolise the i with Solid Snake and the ! with the soldiers. Showing the event of MGS not through Snake's eyes but through someone else's eyes? Like some soldier Snake stunned on one of these MGS games maybe?

I dont know bro, but what I do know is, Kojima like to challenge people mentally, this is just another one of his mental challenge's.

AWBrawler3696d ago

if MGS ever leaves PS3 its gonna be on the Wii, cause Kojima and Miyamoto are bussom buddies, plus Solid Snake was in Brawl.

JustinSaneV23696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

@ happyface:

Fair? You haven't passed puberty yet have you?

And how is Kojima a traitor? He's a third party developer (i.e. does not work for Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo). He works for a company that makes/publishes video games. Said company has released a teaser that DOES NOT state that MGS is coming to the Xbox 360. And lastly, there are NO sides because this is not some full-out World War.

I see nothing to back your claim.

And quit talking like you're Japanese.

jackdoe3696d ago

Lol. He is no traitor. He gave the PS3 one of the best games ever made. How does that make him a traitor. I just wish their next project wasn't another Metal Gear, but rather a Zone of the Enders game. Damnit.

Timesplitter143696d ago

I'm not a PS3 fanboy, although I'm often mistaken as one.

It's just that I love games like MGS, SotC, Okami, RE, Final Fantasy and so on. And I don't particularly like Gears and Halo (I play my FPSs on my PC). This is why I bought a PS3. This is why I'll buy an X360 if the game ever goes there (although I highly doubt it'll be X360 exclusive).

I just think it's sad because the people who bought these consoles know what they want. And MGS just doesn't fit in the Xbox group imo, and it would be unfortunate if I had to buy one just to play my favorite game.

Alvadr3696d ago

The 'Next' MGS game will no doubt come to the 360, dont think Sony could lock down another MGS game.

sretlaw3696d ago

Yea they could seeing as how Kojima was complaining about storage capacity with MGS4.

meepmoopmeep3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

that is a standard power symbol used in electronics.

DailyAddict3695d ago

First off, this could be anything. But, I'm taking a couple of things into consideration.

First off, the green is really the only real thing that ties this to 360 in anyway. While some would argue the power button is there, the power button is also identical to PS3 and PC, which sort of throws that out of the equation.

A few things to consider:
1) The link contains "MGST", which could possibly mean TEASER or even TOUCH (as in iPod Touch).
2) Second, the first exclamation point (the upside down one) looks like an i. I wonder what else also has an i in it. Could be DSi or more obviously iPod or iPhone.
3) Third, I'm looking at the timing. This teaser won't be up for long and more than likely they would announce this at some sort of show. Unfortunately, all of the gaming shows are over, with the next show of ANY KIND being CES, which is mostly focused on home electronics, with a major focus on cell phones. This, of course, brings us back to iPhone and iPod Touch.
4) I saw the words "A Next Metal Gear" in the title of this page and that's sort of interesting. Obviously, any "new" MGS game AT THE MOST will be multiplatform. 360 will not get an exclusive MGS ever. At the most, they could possibly get MGS4: Subsistence or something of that nature, but not an entirely new, exclusive game. So, a "next" metal gear sort of indicates that whatever Konami is talking about is something different, but not entirely new. So, this could be a port of MGS4 for 360 or could be the Metal Gear Ac!d that's been floating around (that also has a normal exclamation point in the title, which would be the other exclamation point from this page).
5) Going back to the green, it could mean 360 or could also be a reference to Ac!d. You think about what color acid typically is in cartoons, movies, etc. it's generally green or some form of neon yellow (which is still close to green).

In other words, this could be anything and in no way guarantees it's a 360 title. So, lets just wait and see. If it is a 360, I just hope it's not a direct port and it's more like a Subsistence type deal with a few extra things. The PS3 version is great, so I wouldn't see a need in buying the 360 version if there's nothing different.

JD_Shadow3695d ago

happyface went WAY overboard with what he said, but I can see where he's coming from.

He's upset that so many people believe that the PS3 isn't allowed to have even one good third party exclusive without BS like this (including this rumor that no one seems to want to let die).

Like, if it's the 360 having the exclusive, no one ever speculates sh!t about it going multiplatform (SO4 is the only one). However, if it's a 3rd party PS3 title, they either trash it to bits (this is with first party titles, too, though), speculate like MAD as if they want MS to take the hint and open up their checkbooks for it, or it ends up becoming multiplatform after a load of delays just so they can release both versions at the same time.

It's highly frustrating, irritating, and annoying to have this happen to one system while the other system doesn't have sh!t happen to it like that. THAT'S what isn't fair (but gets condoned by fanboys because, hey, as long as MS benefits from the entire thing, who gives a sh!t about anyone else's feelings about it or how they feel about you shoving everything about it down their throats while you spit in their faces for even bringing anything up, right?).

THAT'S what I think happyface was TRYING to convey. If only he had not gone off like he did about it.

Oh, and we're supposed to shut up completely and not even THINK about SO4 possibly going multiplatform because of one vague thing that SE might've said even when something else comes up, while everyone is supposed to never let the MGS4 360 rumor die after Kojima has continued to kill and kill and kill these rumors? How does that make any sort of sense? You get a SO4 multiplat rumor going, we're supposed to reference to something people said in the past and never need anyone else's confirmation or kill. MGS4 on 360 rumor comes up, we never once consider Hideo's past remarks, he says something new to kill the rumor (or someone else does) that people say he must do to kill it, and it never seems to be good enough. If YOU guys are allowed to need and do all that about the MGS4 stuff, let US do it for the SO4 stuff.

By the way, it's not the MGS4 on 360 thing, I can tell already. The 360's green is a bit lighter than that. The 360's is light neon, this is HEAVY neon. Compare the two and I bet you will see a big difference (trust me, there is). Oh, and the PS3's power light is the same color of green, and that green was the only thing that would've made the lettering stand out amongst the black (in other words, it was the only thing that would've worked for it). And if this is the iPhone thing, then Sony wouldn't mind much (nor would any of us). Didn't MGS4 have a mother-load of Apple product placements?

NewZealander3695d ago

sorry i meant substance was on xbox, not acid.

anyway its obvious as anything now.

i (phone) + ! (ac!d) = go (green)

if this is correct then WTF cares, a card game on iphone BIG WOOPIE! i could care less.

No Way3695d ago

The same can be said for the PS3. Making the Next MG exclusive to the PS3 has no benefit. Sure, it would be better exclusive on the PS3 than the x360.

But, no company really benefits solely from making their game exclusive to a console.. of course, unless they were payed to make it exclusive for that said console, but Sony doesn't pay for exclusives.. supposedly. So that makes me wonder why MGS4 isn't multi, or if they will bring a MG to the x360.

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smokeymicpot3696d ago

Everything in that one message can deal with every type of gaming platform. Also there is no Solid mentioned so no Snake i guess.

PirateThom3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

If you look at the URL, it's "MGST".

Could be anything.

Based on the image, I think it's most likely a new or ported Ac!d game for Wii.

Wii + Ac!d = Go

Edit: DURRRR... Just forgot, Metal Gear Ac!d is coming to mobile phones early next year.

Critical_Hit3696d ago

I'm guessing the "T" in "MGST" stands for tease or teaser.

TheFreak3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

hope it is acid for the wii that would have been freakin sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet.have not played this game because I dont like handheld gaming. pls let this be the case bring it to the wiiii!!!!

Rock Bottom3696d ago

That title hints at almost every console except the PS3, now they can't make a game for PC, DSi, iPhone, Wii and 360, what if this was pointing to the consoles the game isn't coming for, that would make more sense. :p

M_Prime3696d ago

i was gonna say.. Maybe some metal gear for the wii.. the cube had a few..

maybe its the WIImake thing.. like Capcom is doing with the RE series (at least in Japan)

Mainman3696d ago

Doubt it is an Ac!d game. Ryan Payton said MGS5, not MGA. MGA is not within the MGS universe.

Sharpshell3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

its acid for the IPHONE i!!!!! phone, get it people? iphone+ac!id since ac!d is comming to mobile phones... like you said. I wish it was something cool like Metal Gear Raiden, but seriously people do you really expect that this early? lol

edit: main man you'll notice several things, it says Metal Gear not Metal Gear Solid, also Ryan Payton doesnt work for Konami, and has nothing to do with this at all... its ac!d for the iphone

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primordialmeme3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

Thats just a slight variation on the PS3 power button, obviously in reference to the MGS series use of exclamation points. Go look at your ps3 right now. Front of the console where you insert a disc...

Skerj3696d ago

It's the universal sign for power, there's one on my monitor, one on my tv, one on my remote, a green one on my PS2, one on my PS3, one on the 360 etc. etc. et cetera.

chrislawrance3696d ago

yeah that does look alot like the ps3 power button tho. thought same thing

TOO PAWNED3696d ago

Woohoooo, MGS coming to my DVD player!!!!!

PirateThom3696d ago

Yeah, I wouldn't read too much into the power button, or the green.

What I would look at is shaping on the first symbol. It's a Wii game and I would now put money on it being Ac!d.

r3xmund13696d ago

Thats the symbol for on/power its not Xbox exclusive and green is not owned by M$...

I agree with all the above it hints at a new MG game but prob on a diff tangent...

TBH I doubt a port of MGS4, but the next installment could be multi-plat. Its not the first time.

I hate seeing games being bought up and DLC being controlled but really the PS3 is a strong platform and is by no means defeated.

If a dev wants to go to M$ then fine I own both consoles, let them fight.

callahan093696d ago

It is precisely ZERO variation from the Wii power button. Go look at a Wii. It's identical. The lower-case i and "upside-down" lower-case i make it pretty clear that they're making a Wii game. Maybe it means Metal Gear is coming to the Virtual Console? Maybe it means they're making a Wii-Wear game? If so, it's probably Metal Gear Ac!d.

Mr.Mister3690d ago

metal gear solid trilogy for 360

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TOO PAWNED3696d ago

If it is something for Wii cool, but not for 360, please! NOOOOOOO!!!!!

solidt123696d ago

More than likely it will just be a Metal Gear spin off. Not MGS5