Everything you need to know about PS5 sci-fi shooter Returnal - This Month on PlayStation

Fight to break the cycle of chaos on a hostile, alien planet.

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ArchangelMike20d ago

Looks like lots of social media activity for Returnal just before launch - which is good on the one hand, but honestly I haven't yet seen a single TV, Youtube or Billboard ad for this game, I hope Sony market it well and doesn't just leave the promotion to word of mouth to get the message out there. I know the hype train is in full swing - heck I've already bought my ticket and am onboard all the way to Atropos; but Sony really need to advertise this game beyond just the blog posts, and trailers.

IRetrouk20d ago

They are starting to ramp it up, I found this through twitter, plus loads of hands on are happening too, people seem really excited for it, me included

bouzebbal20d ago

A day one buy.. Excited to see how the world changes everytime you lose a life

IRetrouk20d ago

Day1 for me too, have to support this type of new ip, only way we get more👌👊

jukins20d ago

I see a ton of returnal ads. Even on hulu. I have a damn pop up now as i type. I mean if you have ad tracking off and all that you probably wont see them.

Master of Unlocking19d ago (Edited 19d ago )

Sony, market this? ROFL, you think they care about this or any other game that devs give them the privilege to develop for their platforms, or what? That company is run by a bunch of autists. Not anywhere near as much as Nintendo, who are absolutely the worst of the worst, but certainly a heck of a lot more than Microsoft.

TV and the internet are completely polluted by commercials and ads so I shouldn't complain when it comes to that, but for once I wouldn't say no to seeing advertisement for video games, esp. for one that looks terrific at that. Sadly, this is yet another game that will have to rely on reviews and word of mouth alone to sell, as per usual on Playstation.

S2Killinit20d ago

Really excited to jump into this.

Rebel_Scum20d ago

I'm a bit surprised by how many people are drooling for this on N4G compared to other gaming sites.

thorstein20d ago

It's Housemarque. It quite possibly will be a great game.

jznrpg20d ago (Edited 20d ago )

Xbox sites aren’t going to drool for it

Rebel_Scum20d ago

Ehhhhh dont look at those mate

RazzerRedux20d ago

What other gaming sites are you referring to?

Rebel_Scum20d ago (Edited 20d ago )

Giantbomb. People in the forums there are kinda meh or wait and see about it.

ArchangelMike19d ago

I think you'll find that the buzz is generally positive, especially as the early previews are practically unanimous in their prasie for Returnal, that buzz will naturally cascasde to the respective audiences.

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