Eurogamer: Prince of Persia Review

Eurogamer writes: "Prince of Persia hasn't always spun a good yarn, but it's often overcome that with exotic locations and even more exotic acrobatics, and for the first few hours the new-look Prince threatens to do likewise. Having stumbled upon a Princess in peril while out hunting for his wayward donkey, the Americanised Prince falls into a divine battle between the forces of good and evil, and proceeds to wisecrack and Brendan-Fraser his way through an occasionally delicate story of restoring life to a corrupted fantasy world of epic palaces and Skies-of-Arcadian technology."

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tocrazed4you3701d ago

I really hate Eurogamer reviews they are always 90 percent off on average scores. And by off I don't mean like .1 or .2 points I mean like a whole point...

tehReaper3701d ago

That's way too low. An 8 sounds better. It's a decent game but it's not perfect. I don't understand how someone could give it a 6.

Asurastrike3700d ago

So a review should be discounted because it doesn't fall in line with popular opinion? Reviews are opinions, and in Eurogamer's opinion, the game is a 6/10. If you think differently, it doesn't make them wrong.

Danja3701d ago

hmmm Eurogamer....this is expected from them...

im getting this game either way..