Condemned: Criminal Origins - Revisiting A Forgotten Horror Classic

FreeckyCake writes: " Condemned: Criminal Origins is one of those unrivaled titles that will forever remain in my memory no matter how old it gets. We can only hope that we will at least get a port to the Condemned 2: Bloodshot game on PC and current-gen consoles, or why not a sequel someday soon? One can only dream."

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Snookies1220d ago (Edited 20d ago )

Condemned was amazing! Had a really cool multi-player as well, such a shame it we never got another one after 2. Brings back some great memories on the 360. Condemned was definitely one of the first games I picked up for the 360. Loved the atmosphere and the amount of melee items you could utilize. Would really love if Microsoft could somehow reboot this franchise!

Skate-AK20d ago

I never got to play the MP for 2 but my brother always mentions about how good it was.

Iltapalanyymi20d ago

one of the best horror games ever in my book

TheRealTedCruz20d ago

It's a shame we never got a third game. The original was better than the second, in my opinion, but that's far from saying the second was bad.

Jolska42020d ago

Ive never been more scared of a game than the doctor who esque weeping angels mannequins in the sequel

Limitedtimestruggle20d ago

Loved this on the Xbox 360, simply an amazing game!

Yui_Suzumiya20d ago

Still waiting on a damn sequel because of the cliffhanger ending of 2.

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