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Jason says, "I reiterate everything in a word: frustrating.  But not without merit.  The gameplay is rife with all the things that tear a hole in your soul for simply wanting to enjoy a game.  So while the story, cinematics, and overall presentation of the game shine quite well, playing the game hurts you where the sun don’t shine.  Somewhere out there are hardcore fans that will tell me, “git gud” whilst speedrunning a level in about 15 minutes while the rest of us normal people will take about  an hour.  I’m just glad I’m not on of those people because it would be clear I love punishing myself."

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NecrumOddBoy97d ago

The original Abe’s Oddysee and Exoddus were phenomenally executed, dark, gritty, funny, and solid. The story was great, the cutscenes were the best on PS1, and the controls were perfect. The layout for secrets also were perfectly designed and the added depth and static scenes felt right.

New and Tasty destroyed the look and feel of Oddworld.

Now... I’m currently playing SoulStorm. It’s fine but it’s not Exoddus. It’s slow and action oriented. It’s not fluid when it should be and it has too much going on around every turn. Too many systems and the pacing throws off the originals flow. I like the game the more I pretend it’s not a reboot of a masterpiece.

The original two games were one fluid and perfectly crafted story. No remake needed.

Truthfully, they should have not remade Oddysee and then perhaps left this as the 3rd Quintology game for Abe. The vision is fine but I think Oddworld lost what made it special.

metalgod8896d ago (Edited 96d ago )

I would have loved to see #3 in the Quintology as well. However, I really have enjoyed this game. I'm still playing through it and yes, it can be frustrating, challenging, slow paced, but I still feel like it captures the essence of the original games. Is it as good as the original? No way. But at the same time, you're still playing as Abe, who lets be honest, isn't the smartest or bravest, but still pushes through all the trials and tribulations to escape/save their friends/co-workers(?).

When you think of it that way, I feel like the game design is spot on. Some of the new features don't feel as natural as the original games, but Is it a fun experience? I think it really depends on you. But does the challenge make sense given who you're playing as and the situations you're in? I do believe so. But, that's just my two cents.

I also want to add, it's great talking about game design and not how broken a game is on launch. I think the developers did a fantastic job with Soulstorm and hope they get enough popularity and funding to get that #3 pushed out the door.