Why “Arkham Knight” is the Best Batman Story of the Decade

Arkham Knight deserves to take its place as not only one of the best superhero games but one of the greatest Batman stories in any medium.

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leahcim17d ago

I am playing it right know for the first time. I am so happy with it ! a true AAA.
Thanks Rocksteady for this gem.

crazyCoconuts17d ago

I am too. Got it free from epic didn't realize it would be so good. Joker dialog is absolutely brilliant

RosweeSon17d ago

I just started Arkham asylum
Again and it’s soo good I bought Knight day1 and I will play it soon 🤞🏻🤞 27995;🤦🏻‍♂️ 9315; after city 🤣✌🏻

Petebloodyonion17d ago

It's actually hard to rank the best Batman story in the Arkham series (I'm talking about the story, not the game).
All of them are incredible and have spawned comic book tie-in.
Like when I actually try to rank them I find that my least favorite is Asylum but after that, it's becoming quite hard.
Origin is great, City is great and the last one is also great and dares to cross some unexpected lines

zsquaresoff17d ago

The story was great till the predictable arkham Knight. Arkham City I believe has the best story.

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The story is too old to be commented.