Renowned Japanese Retro Gaming Store- Super Potato- Is Finally Going International

Iconic Japanese retro gaming store Super Potato have opened an eBay store allowing international fans to purchase their merchandise.

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XiNatsuDragnel17d ago

I'm excited to buy more new games to bring them mainstream.

Tapani15d ago

Great for people overseas, but bad for people here in Tokyo, because now the prices will go absolutely nuts. They are a business, so I do understand it. I hope the nostalgia value of the store itself will stay the same. I love walking past it in Akihabara, they have Chrono Trigger on an original Snes running in a CRT on and other stuff like that, hundreds and hundreds Snes cartridges, and thousands of old classic games in the shop. I hope they stay real instead of going for the money...

15d ago