D.I.C.E. Awards 2021: All the Winners

IGN writes: The 2021 D.I.C.E. Awards winners have been revealed, and Hades has once again taken the biggest prize.

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Ezio204813d ago

So basically other than TGA, Hades has won every award ceremony so far - New York Game Awards, SXSW, BAFTA and now DICE. Only GDC is left now.

RazzerRedux13d ago

Hades is really a great game. TLOU2 is my personal pick for GOTY, but Hades deserves all the accolades it gets.

Christopher13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Hades is that Indie juggernaut we've wanted for a long while that reminds big AAA what matters. I like TLOUP2 for technical and really enjoyed so many things about GoT as well, but we can't rely on so few developers each year to do this sort of stuff. So many more should be kicking it out of the ballpark more often in this day and age, IMHO.

zacfoldor13d ago

Hades is incredible. It's my GotY.

neutralgamer199213d ago

Hopefully Hades is coming to other platforms soon. The only reason TLOU2 won so many more GOTY because Hades was only available only select platforms. If it was also available on ps4 and xbox one I think more gamers would have voted for it(this is my opinion and taking nothing away from TLOU2)

SullysCigar13d ago

I get eat you're saying, but TLOU2 was only on PS4.

Hoping for Hads on other platforms too - and fully expect it given how well it's been received!

zacfoldor12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

I agree. I think many haven't played Hades. TLOU2 had good gameplay and story and graphics, but there is something about the gameplay in Hades that just really surprised me and reminded me why I love gaming. It ain't because of the story, so much as the incredible quality of the gameplay that is so addictive I can't stop playing it. Hades just also happened to have an incredible story too. That is why it is my goty. The total package. Perfect in all the ways that matter.

I do however, respect others opinions on the subject, but I would also suggest everyone play Hades before they make up their mind as to which game is best. I know it doesn't seem possible that a game mainly famous from reviews/awards and a Switch/PC first version could compete with TLOU2....but just try it. I was incredibly surprised from the quality on display. It is REAL super fun high-quality addictive gameplay with a modern design, and no game has done it better, imo.

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-Foxtrot13d ago

Nice to see Dreams and GoT getting more recognition

dumahim13d ago

Cyberpunk was nominated...

roadkillers13d ago

I'm just waiting for this beast to hit GamePass

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