Out of Eight: Europa Universalis: Rome - Vae Victis Review

Out of Eight writes: "I really like the Europa Universalis series. Europa Universalis: Rome takes the game back in time and focuses on a more intimate experience in a specific area of the world, and I liked it, although I may have been slightly more enthusiastic that what was really appropriate (it's happened before). Hot on the heels of the quality In Nomine expansion for the "regular" series, the developers have turned their attention back to Rome and come up with Vae Victis (Latin for "In Nomine"). Paradox has a pretty good track record regarding expansions with meaningful features, so how does Vae Victis stack up?"

The Good:
+Simplified governorship with rebellious leaders
+More sophisticated leader succession
+Tenuous republics
+Additional character attributes

The Not So Good:
-No manual and lacks new or modified tutorials
-Relatively minor improvements some of which we've seen before

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