Cyberpunk 2077 Devs Expect Next-Gen Version to Influence Atmosphere About the Game; More Details

CD Projekt hosted its financial conference call for investors and the company's executives talked more about their plans for Cyberpunk 2077.

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masterfox19d ago

kinda afraid of booting up the next gen version of Cyberpunk when releases lol, imagine overheating the PS5 cause crazy new glitches by CDPR!, will let other do the testing first :D

Highrevz19d ago

Software is not going to damage your hardware on a console. The console would close it self down before temps get too high as safety measure. Having crashes on PS does put you at a higher risk of having corrupted data so that’s something to consider.

Personally I’m waiting for the full release of the game in 2022.

thorstein19d ago (Edited 19d ago )

PS5 controllers have software updates.

I say that because with this game, who knows. I ran into significant controller drift only while playing CP2077. None on Demon's Souls nor Assassin's Creed.

Killer73nova18d ago

Sony has to allow the sale of cyberpunk to begin with so let's see if that happens

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iplay1up219d ago

I am waiting another few months to buy this. I want the best possible experience, and it certainly did not launch with that experience!

I have only played Witcher 3 for a couple of hours on my X1X. It looked great on that. Now maybe when it gets a Series X update I will play it through.

neutralgamer199218d ago

Wait till 2022 or late 2021. This game needs atleast 3-4 more big patches. If you can you should wait till they release next gen versions. They just revealed they sold 13+ million now imagine if this game lived up to the hype and got high 9's than it could have sold 20-25+ million in same time frame

CDPR let greed get in their minds and ruined this game at launch and really ruined their reputation. CDPR were always looked at as pro consumers and gamers defended them at all time so to let all that go is unbelievable. Companies spend years building good faith with their customers and CDPR had it and let it go

What's truly sad about it is the fact they could have released this game in 2021 and still would have gotten more sales so why rush it it's not like if they delay the game they are going to lose sales

I still hope that cdpr keeps updating the game and release more patches and really make this game what they promised it to be

yeahokwhatever18d ago

its a great game currently. far better than most of the games that get more praise.

neutralgamer199218d ago


You have a right to your opinion and I think you do have a valid point depending on the platform you could have a better experience but I think by 2022 this might get an overall better experience on all platforms

ActualWhiteMan18d ago

I picked up a complete copy on PS4 for $25. Good enough for me to sit on it til PS5 upgrade comes.

SDuck19d ago

1.2 ruined what 1.1 did for me. I didn't had 30fps at launch but 1.1 update fixed it. Now with 1.2 when I drive around the city, streets become empty. No traffic at all.

CobraKai18d ago

I agree. Now it’s so bland. And the crashing still persists. I was playing on PS5 and now I’m just waiting till they patch the patch

SDuck18d ago

I've been a big defender of this game since I loved it when I played during 1.1 but the fact their big updates mess the game even more, needing hotfixes to fix them is ridiculous. Worst part is, I didn't finished it because I wanted to wait to see it fully playable but I guess I'll need to keep waiting

yeahokwhatever18d ago

the fact that they have to hot fix the hot fixes is pathetic and their QA team must be nonexistent, ignored, or the worst qa team on the planet.

Father__Merrin19d ago

If its a free upgrade may aswell grab a bargain on disc now. I just bought on ebay watchdogs liegon £12.50 free post that's also getting a performance patch soon

SenorFartCushion19d ago

It already has one doesn’t it? Or do you mean routine frame rate fixes?

Father__Merrin19d ago

Cyberpunk will get a next gen upgrade I'm guessing like Witcher 3 next gen upgrade it might be free

wwinterj19d ago (Edited 19d ago )

I don't believe anything CDPR says anymore. With that said I do still own Cyberpunk so this is a free upgrade(as far as I know). No harm in my revisiting the game once they have delivered what was promised at the start.

dumahim18d ago

Too bad Legion is boring as hell.

Spenok18d ago

Yeah, Best Buy had Watchdogs Legion on sale for $20 recently, including on PS5. So I snatched that one up. Might as well for that price!

Spenok18d ago

The Cyberpunk PS5 upgrade will be free. CDPR already confirmed it.

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anast19d ago

They should stop talking and just fix the game. One of the many reasons why the last gen. game is still about 60% finished is because they were not thinking about the gen they were supposed to be making it for and now they are talking about future iterations.

Abear2119d ago

I agree but I also question the need to rush out a next gen patch when the vast majority of gamers still play on old hardware. Almost makes sense for them to wait

Yui_Suzumiya19d ago

Technically it could have been a PS3 / 360 game since that's what was available when this was announced. How you think it would have ran then?

anast19d ago

It would have looked like Space Invaders, if they had had released for the PS3/360.

Bobertt18d ago

This was a financial call for investors they have to give them updates they can't just not say anything.

anast18d ago

That's obvious. I'm pointing an issue out that seems to be consistent. Of course they can't stop working on everything nor can they not think about the future. I just hope they can do both this time.

Putnum18d ago

yeah haha they should not stop. work 24/7 to fix game haha, don't tell us about progress just lock in room with lights off no clocks, just screens, lots of screens, and work to make my life better for me. that's what they should do haha

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