13 new games have just been gifted FPS Boost support on Xbox Series X|S

Xbox has added a grand total of 13 additional games to the list of titles that support FPS Boost on Xbox Series X|S. Many of the new games support up to 120 fps now, and are all included through EA Play and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

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RaidenBlack400d ago

dang, boosted to 120fps now?

darthv72400d ago

Is it just me or are all (or most) of those EA games???

ProLogY400d ago

Look closer at the announcement and you'll see the 'EA Play' logo. This update was specifically for EA games.

NeoGamer232400d ago

Yup if you actually click into the article the title is really, "13 new EA titles on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate now support Xbox Series X|S FPS Boost up to 120fps"

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SpineSaw400d ago

They are all EA games and other than a couple of them the servers are empty but if your gonna run a rental service you gotta pretend like you care and keep these games going. Sounds like some good will but really a crappy game on day one like Say Titanfall is still a crappy game at 120fps 7yrs later but the crap runs smoother. Anyone remember when Microsoft was hyping Titanfall as the Call of Duty killer? Lol ....then the second it released it died never to be heard from again.... Until today!

Nineball2112400d ago (Edited 400d ago )

I'm just excited to try it out on those games!

thesoftware730399d ago

That is awesome, a few weeks ago I upgrade my monitor and let me tell you, 120fps is amazing.

CoD , Ori 2 and DMC 5 is fantastic, super buttery.

You really that bitter about games? how could you spin this into a negative? You need a girlfriend/boyfriend/dog/cat, something to help sort out that negative energy.

Notellin398d ago

This comment cracks me up. You're always so clueless about everything but can't help yourself.

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Nofamboyism400d ago

yo that’s sick . Titanfall 2 still plays amazing and on 120fps wow

badz149400d ago

13 "additional" games getting the fps boost treatment. No new games there

ScootaKuH400d ago Show
TheFallen1327400d ago

yeah cause that means they cant possibly release new games in the future

DOMination-400d ago

If you don't care about this news then go back to your precious PS3 store! ;)

Orchard400d ago

This came out of nowhere... and damn, 120hz - their backwards compatibility work is really technically impressive.

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iplay1up2400d ago ShowReplies(7)
neutralgamer1992400d ago

So you think anyone down voting you is a sony fanboy? You do know there are nintendo and pc gamers too (and pc gamers seem to care a lot more about these technical things)

People have a valid right/reason to disagree with any opinion

Gamer75400d ago

Ok then so why is it that when it's a PS article and people get downvoted they immediately blame Xbox fans and i bet that you don't say anything like you have here

neutralgamer1992400d ago


I didn't say that was right did I? I basically said people shouldn't care about agrees or disagrees and give their opinion without becoming fanboys

But in today's world anyone who gets any push back gets labelled that's why we can't get nothing done properly. On this site especially I see this where someone will comment and say my comment will get disagrees because of PlayStation or xbox fanboys. Why care so much about agree/disagree. I do miss the bubble system in this site because we had the open zone for fanboys and mature conversation could be had elsewhere

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LucasRuinedChildhood400d ago (Edited 400d ago )

Really hope Sony can do something similar, at least to 60fps. Don't have a TV that support 120fps, nor do most people, so that's not a huge deal just yet but it's definitely nice.

At least give us Horizon 60fps, Sony.

GamesAsAService400d ago

I have held off on playing a few playstation games until this happens. Mainly, bloodbourne, and the last guardian. Hopefully this is something that happens soon.

ProLogY400d ago

This. So seriously this where is that Horizon FPS patch? It's so smooth on PC I want to see that on PS5!

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itsmebryan400d ago

I bought my new TV to be able to do 4k ,120fps , and HDR. I have been enjoying my XSX.

Gunstar75400d ago

I'm holding out for philips to produce an ambilight 120hz panel

Aaarghh.... titanfall 2 in 120 gets my juices flowing


It's a huge deal for me. I have a LG CX and I bought to specifically for next gen 120 gaming. I want as many 120 fps game options as possible.

I_am_Batman400d ago

I assume Sony's lower level API makes system level tweaks like this much harder to achieve. That's one of the advantages of working on a higher abstraction level. The tradeoff is that a high level API won't give you access to the same degree of hardware utilization of any given system. Basically the same thing that makes some Playstation titles so impressive, might stand in the way of features like this.

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Father__Merrin400d ago (Edited 400d ago )

The only one on that list which is a decent addition is sea of solitude it's now 60fps. The rest of them were already 60fps titles so it's not impressive that they are boosted to 120 as ppl without 120htz TV won't benifit

Games that we need are like Dishonoured 2 excellent 4k visuals but 30fps look, if titles like that are boosted to 60fps then it's like a free remaster in a way

iplay1up2400d ago

My TV supports 120hz. It is a 65 inch gaming TV. Going to upgrade to 75 or 80 inches when I move to Utah in a couple of months. Totally worth it!

itsmebryan400d ago

I got the Samsung 85" Q80t and it has a great picture even on a large screen.

DJStotty400d ago


I am looking to get the 55" Q80T model, currently sits at £900 in the UK though, waiting for it to drop a bit more :p

itsmebryan400d ago

The price may go done but remember it was replaced the new Neo series. Stock maybe limited. After I bought mine they were out of stock a month later. Also check Samsung's site directly they had the best price I can find, free shipping and 0% interest for upto 4 years . Also you get a discount based on your job. I got an extra $300 off.

Zeref400d ago

I'm glad they're catering to those who do have 120hz TV's. I want the absolute most out of my console.

I_am_Batman400d ago

It's the perfect fit for older titles too. As we transition out of the cross-gen period 120 fps modes will probably become increasingly rare due to the increased complexity of 'new gen' games. Last gen games on the other hand aren't nearly as demanding so getting them up to 120 fps is a great way of offering some options for people that have a 120Hz panel.

AuraAbjure399d ago (Edited 399d ago )

Team Xbox worked closely with TV manufacturers this time around in order to maximize the potential of this generation.

anubusgold399d ago

And people play battlefield games for years I been playing bad company 2 games for the last 2 months still lots of games you can join.