Computer Games: Runes of Magic Preview

Computer Games writes: "The number of Free-to-Play MMOs that have invaded the market in the past year was so high that even to me, your regular MMO enthusiast with an obsessive compulsion to evaluate ALL of them, keeping up became a real problem. Indeed, only a small number of them deserves constant attention, like 9Dragons, Dofus, BOTS, Dreamlords and a few others, but how can you decide which one of them has potential without testing them?! Of course, I could use the Internet as a trusty source by taking into account the general level of interest concerning the respective title.

Unfortunately, this would mean to trust the result of some marketing tactics that are meant to manipulate you in most cases, by blotting out your ability to discern. A good example is the way I found out about Runes of Magic, through a simple news piece that said this game managed to have more than 100.000 players in the closed beta test. Wouldn't you get really curious after reading that a mostly unknown, unfinished MMO got this much attention from the public?! I knew about the title, I had it on my list, but the news I got suddenly increased its priority. As a natural consequence, I put my hands on a beta account and got the producers' agreement to shed some light on this little mystery."

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