Famitsu Sales: 4/12/21 – 4/18/21

Famitsu has published its estimated physical game software and hardware sales data for Japan for the week of April 12, 2021 to April 18, 2021. Monster Hunter Rise for Switch was the top seller for the fourth week following its debut, selling an additional 110,050 retail copies, reaching 1,884,113 total sales. In comparison, Monster Hunter: World sold 85,762 retail copies on PlayStation 4 in its fourth week back in February 2018, reaching 1,774,188 total sales.

Neonridr893d ago

28/30 titles belong to the Switch. It's really doing well right now.


PlayStation Store Features New Deal Promo Highlights Titles Under $20

A new PlayStation Store sale promo is going on right now. Check out a deal promo offering a look at games marked $20 and under.

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The DevGAMM conference is making its debut in Lisbon on November 16th, 2023

"The global gaming community is gearing up for an unforgettable experience this November as DevGAMM, the renowned international game development conference, descends upon the enchanting city of Lisbon.

Set against the picturesque backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean, this inaugural event will take place on November 16-17 at the luxurious Oitavos Luxury Hotel in Cascais, Portugal." - DevGAMM.


How The SAG-AFTRA Strikes Can Change Video Gaming Forever

The video game industry might end up shutting down indefinitely if negotiations with SAG-AFTRA fall through.

banger882d ago

"The video game industry might end up shutting down indefinitely if negotiations with SAG-AFTRA fall through."

LMAO. Clickbait bullshit. Gaming isn't going anywhere.

erinlime1d 19h ago

"Indefinitely" just means we don't know how long the strike would last. Considering the studios they're targeting, this would severely impact both Sony and Microsoft's first- and third-party releases and push back a lot of games.

They're not wrong, they're just being inflammatory.

Anyway I support the union and hope the studios meet their demands for fair compensation and protections against AI voice sampling and facial capturing.

CobraKai6h ago

Same. I would not be cool giving away my voice and likeness to be replicated by AI, for a studio to use indefinitely, while i get paid for one day. Actors and Voice Actors need to be protected from this

Trilithon5h ago

the only thing more ridiculous than letting these strikes continue is these click bait titles. lots of games will be affected but there will always be games that don't require actors or voice actors.

Shalnark1h ago

"shutting down indefinitely"
Gaming isn't going nowhere , this affect nobody but the greedy companies who refuses to pay and give union actors the respect that they deserve and this is a good thing for the industry that there's finally justice for those who does VA for a living and get shafted by companies .. so far Capcom has done it the worst and a lot of voice actors for iconic Resident evil characters came out speaking about Capcom greedy practices picking cheap non-union voice actors and replacing them against union voice actors out of spite