PlayStation signs AAA multiplayer game from former Destiny veterans (interview with Hermen Hulst)

The first game from Firewalk Studios will be a PS5 console exclusive.

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RazzerRedux652d ago

"I think that the games that we make are as distinct and diverse as they can be," Hulst continues. "From Sackboy to Astro Bot to Dreams to these kind of games that you're referring to, like The Last of Us Part 2 and Ghosts of Tsushima. And you can bet that we will carry on making these games, because they are the heart and soul of what we do here at PlayStation studios. But at the same time, we are just as committed to making these quality experiences as we are to experimentation and to coming up with fresh ideas."

Good to see Sony going on the PR offensive.

ApocalypseShadow651d ago

It's definitely better than all the lies, misinformation and rumors that people spread and posted here and elsewhere.

So I agree. Good on Sony to spit in their face and create their own narrative that's factual.

Mr_Luke651d ago

Damn... multiplayer :( I guess it's good for those who like this kind of games then, i hope it's a success ;)

Darkborn651d ago

They do need a game or two in this kind of category to compete now. Microsoft just bought eleder scrolls online and fallout 76

Reborn651d ago

I just wish they bring back Killzone.

But I feel like I'm in the minority.

Ratchet75651d ago

VR versions of killzone and horizon are in the work.

isarai651d ago

I usually like Playstations MP attempts, Warhawk, Uncharted 2, Factions, Ghost of tsushima legends, and Killzone

DJStotty651d ago

"Console exclusive"

Interesting wording, this points to a PC release somewhere down the line.