Sony And MS Can Ignore Nintendo

Sony and Microsoft don't really have to pay any attention to what Nintendo is doing, because Nintendo isn't a direct competitor. Those who don't agree should mention a GoY contender on the Wii in 2008...oh wait, maybe games don't matter, but the gimmick DOES.

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PoSTedUP3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

anyone who can take market share is a direct competitor, period. i totally disagree with this article. non-games? cmon man, thats BS.

Danja3697d ago

I agree in the end they are all fighting for the same market share..Nintendo currently has 55% market Sony and M$ can't ignore them..

Coheno3697d ago

Even if it isn't a direct competitor, I think both MS and Sony would like it to be...

season0073697d ago

you don't share the market with someone who is not competing with you
does cellphones share market with books?

I don't mean Wii vs ps3/xbox360 is at this extreme, but the point is...what if wii is more like being treated as toy, instead of video games

what about the actual market who has been getting the old school video games, altho has grown, but has not grown that far yet?

a lot of people were getting games or toys like monopoly, board games, wii maybe classified as one of those, good for party, seldom for usual use, and it appears as non-expensive too

wii expanded the market and at the same point wii is competing with something else...maybe you should ask once wii is out, if the sales of other toys or games dropped, because it is eating other's market instead of the core gamers market..

Danja3697d ago

I wouldn't classify the Wii as a toy..I sure as hell wouldn't spend $250 on a toy..which I did for the Wiii..

No More Heroes
Mario Kart
Zack & Wiki

are some of the best games i've played this the Virtual Console is awesome...

last gen the PS2 had all the casual crowd but the Xbox and Gamecube was still in competition with the Wii is no different in a sense...

Nintendo just didn't push hardware this gen..instead they opted for more friendly the end of the day the Wii is a gaming console..and it's competing with both the 360/PS3 ...

coolfool3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

mostly because the people who bought a wii wouldn't buy a 360/ps3 and the people who bought 360/ps3 wouldn't buy a Wii. Of course I am generalising here (I am sure there are many exceptions) but I am talking in the sense that if a gamer can afford one console and I think mostly that's the case, the kind of person who likes the type of games on the 360/ps3 (more hardcore/non casual games) wouldn't be persuaded to buy a Wii instead.

But this same person would have a harder debate over whether to get the PS3 or the 360 thus putting the 360 and PS3 in direct competition to each other.

They aren't after the same market share because the "casual gamer" market is a different market to the "gamer" market. The casual gamer market is a lot more pronounced this generation. Rather than having "all-rounder" consoles like the PS2 the Wii is specifically targeting the casual gamer.

ChickeyCantor3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

"mostly because the people who bought a wii wouldn't buy a 360/ps3"

Thats the problem with your logic.
Just because Wii has huge audience that is called "casual" doesn't mean its not trying to offer software for "avid gamers".

Just because there is sh/tloads of shovelware doesn't mean there are no hardcore games.

Saying that these people wouldn't buy a 360 or would you know? without trying it will never happen.
I find it could say the same about the Ps3...people who buy a Ps3 did it for the cheap blu-ray player but i don't see those casual people who buy singstar/BR-movies end up buying MGS?
So if we go by that logic they both have the same audience, and are competing directly right?

They are competing, DIRECTLY.
All 3 are because they all go for the same market.
Bluray, singstar, eyetoy, Buzzz,MS Avaters, lips, arcade games, Home etc etc etc etc etc.
There is something for everyone in all departments.

"the Wii is specifically targeting the casual gamer. "
No it's not. It's targeting at the same audience as Sony or MS would target their console at.
are you telling me that there aren't game concepts on the Wii that could stand right next to PS3 or 360 games?
And don't bring HD into this, that would be the same as: DS is not competing with the PSP because the DS has no Bi-linear filter or wide screen support.
Which is total BS.

Gandhi693696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

@ sidar

While you make some valid points, I still disagree based on my own experiences. I think the large majority of people who have purchased the wii and are making it a huge success are people who have never purchased a videogame system before (such as my grandparents, who bought one for themselves this holiday) The majority of people who are purchasing the wii are not really even in traditional 'videogame' market. The people who own the wii don't read gaming magazines, don't know about what games are coming out until they see if on store shelfs, and probably most importantly, will not have any interest in the Wii2, if there ever is such a thing.

"are you telling me that there aren't game concepts on the Wii that could stand right next to PS3 or 360 games? "

Why, yes. If you are a gamer that likes first person shooters, there is nothing the wii can offer you. If your a gamer that likes online play, there is nothing the wii can offer you, if your a gamer that likes sports games, the wii offering is very week, if your a gamer who likes survival horror, there is nothing the wii can offer, if your a gamer who likes racing games, there is nothing the wii can offer, if your a gamer that likes fighting games, theres nothing the wii can offer.

ChickeyCantor3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

You took my sentence out of context.

are you telling me the base concepts of games on the PS3 or 360 can not be found in Some Wii games?

Saying Wii doesn't offer those games you mentioned is total BS dude.
You clearly know little of the Wii library because its obvious you missed those games.

Seriously, do your damn research >_<.
You pretty much came off really stupid with your last part.

Gandhi693696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

I know enough of the wii library to believe my last comment was not stupid.

What FPS game on the wii would you show to a COD4 / Resistance / Halo 3 fan on the ps3/360 that would impress them? Yes, there are some FPS games there (like COD on the wii...) but they are not any good and there is no way anyone who has played the version on the ps3/360 would want to play the wii versions.

What fighting game would you show someone who is fan of Soul Caliber or Virtual fighter on the 360 / Ps3 that would impress them? Smash Brothers?.... not quite..

What sports game would you show a fan of Madden or MLB the Show on the ps3/360 that they would want to play after playing those games on those systems on Xbox live / PSN?

What racing game would you show a fan of Gran Turismo 5:P or Forza 2 on the 360/Ps3 that they would want to play? Mario Cart???

What Action game from the wii would you show a fan of Uncharted / Gears of War / DeadSpace fan on the 360/PS3 that they would want to play?

I guess all I'm saying, is there is a market of traditional gamers out there who play fighting/FPS/adventure games that has been established for quite some time now. None of those gamers are playing the wii. The wii audience is by no means not an important one, but it is not an audience of gamers. Most(not all) wii owners this generation are people who have never owned a video game console before the wii, and probably will never own another videogame console after the wii. That I think is the definition of a different market.

ChickeyCantor3696d ago

yeah keep ignoring what i'm actually pointing out.
ARE THE CORE(not hardcore or core gamers, CORE as in CORE) CONCEPTS of lots of wii games not like any Ps3 or 360 game?
So how does that make the Wii any different?

Funny how you generalize everything for each category.
While you know damn well that it could be said for all people and all games.
We all have taste for something so your points make no sense.
What game would you show to a mario kart fan? Grand turismo?
So that makes the Wii hardcore now?just Because we have different taste in something?

" Most(not all) wii owners this generation are people who have never owned a video game console before the wii, and probably will never own another videogame console after the wii. That I think is the definition of a different market.
Ah yes, so no ex-ps2 owners got a Wii?
You play the cards right and they will get it.
Thats the main problem with you people, you aren't even open to the fact that it could change allot. If gaming is more accepted, the next generation of consumers might be more open to these things and won't look at it as if its only for geeks and what not.

Even though the line-up is far better than what is out now, there are certainly games on the Wii that appeal to the "core" crowd.

Btw what does all that have to do with Sony and MS not directly competing with Nintendo?
It's just total nonsense, Nintendo owns 55% of the market are they not "directly" competing.
bringing other things into this matter is only subjective, the fact remains THEY ARE COMPETING. Wether they like it or not.

rockleex3695d ago

Any gamer who buys a Wii, will buy a 360 or PS3.

Any non-gamer who buys a Wii, most likely will not buy a 360 or PS3 for themselves.

So the 360 and PS3 are not threatened by the Wii in the GAMER market.
The 360 and PS3 are not even worried about non-gamers to begin with.

So that's why the Wii is not a competitor.

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Shnazzyone3697d ago

this guy apparently missed this sourced news story stating that Microsoft is competing with nintendo.

This is really just an opinion peace. Not really news at all. I know I'm not approving.

Yi-Long3697d ago

... the Wii is bringing in a whole new demographic. People who have never played games before, are suddenly getting interested in the medium.

However, the more and more they get interested, the more and more they will also be curious about the games the 360/PS3 have.

The Wii is a nice 'party-game' system, but it really kinda likes a quality library of single-player games. I can see part of the new Wii demographic also getting more and more interested in games they can play on their own, and as the Wii lacks that, they will be looking at a PS3 or 360 for that experience.

retrofly3697d ago

The point is I don't think anyone who has bought a Wii would have purchased a PS3 or Xbox, I'm talking families, young children and females (a bit stereotypical I know), any hardcore gamer that does have a Wii, probably has a 360 or PS3. Case in point I have a 360 and a Wii, the Wii is for the wife and the 360 for me, the wife would never buy a 360 or PS3 because she's not interested in /that/ type of gaming. Therefore she is a different target audience to me therefore not in competition. However as we have seen with NXE is seems microsoft are trying to muscle in on Wii's market, which the Wii currently has a monopoly on. SO maybe its Nintendo that have to watch its back rather than Sony and Microsoft.

ChickeyCantor3696d ago part here alone shows how horrible this article is...

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