PlayStation Now will begin rolling out support for streaming 1080p capable games this week

PlayStation Now will begin rolling out support for streaming 1080p capable games this week.

The rollout will occur over the next several weeks across Europe, US, Canada, and Japan, where PlayStation Now is available.

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RazzerRedux18d ago

Cool. Still not a fan of streaming, but this is a move in the right direction. That 720p stream was horrible.

crazyCoconuts18d ago

I didn't realize it was still 720p. Man, slow progress

Christopher18d ago

720p was for older games, PS4 is 1080p.

Seriously, hope they get everything to 4k sooner than later. I don't know how much it would cost, though. But, it just seems the age of 1080p is dying out pretty fast in the mainstream market with such cheap 4k monitors and TVs.

ABizzel118d ago

4K isn't happening anytime soon. They have to ensure there is as little lag as possible for games to even be playable, that's why they were on 720p for so long.

Most decent 4K TVs now upsacle 1080p content, so it still won't be crystal clear, but it will look better.

LordoftheCritics18d ago

1080p streaming via geforce now used up around 3tb of data per month. 4k is gonna be a problem.

crazyCoconuts18d ago

Regarding 4K I think they currently have PS4s and PS3s racked to serve up the games. So the source material isn't beyond 1080p yet. At some point they could rack some more capable hardware (PS4 Pro?) and do the "marketing" version of 4K (ie Netflix) which is compressed but still visually better than 1080p in most scenarios...

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Flewid63818d ago

I have Google Fiber so I'm good either way.

RaiderNation18d ago (Edited 18d ago )

Not good enough. Sony, you have GOT to find a way to allow us to download ALL PS Now games and play natively! Until that day comes I will never subscribe to your service! If two guys in their freaking garage can develop a moderately functioning PS3 emulator (RPCS3), then surely a multi-billion dollar company can put a team together to get this figured out! There is no reason why in 2021 on PS5 you can't make this happen!

northpaws18d ago

Don't worry, don't subscribe then, the service is clearly not for you.

RaiderNation18d ago

Or for most people. This service will never be a success so long as it relies on streaming for such a large portion of it's content.

Sayai jin17d ago

Why? Because he wants to improve the service?

northpaws17d ago

@Sayai Jin

Wants improvement or asking for everything are two different things.

PS Now, works on more than just PS4/5, it works on PC and mobile as well, and PS Now makes a lot more sense for people that don't even own a PlayStation, hence, only streaming would work.

Just saying "not good enough, every single game need to run natively" is more like an entitlement than an actual helpful suggestion.

SpadeX17d ago

People keep forgetting PS3 games are hard to emulate due to the fact they're built around Cell architecture which happens to be one of the most challenging processors to build games on. Not only will it cost a fortune to make it happen but it'll take a lot of effort and time as well.

Sayai jin17d ago

@northpaws, there is room for Sony to offer more downloads and for many of them to run natively. Or at least more. This is would be an improvement.

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Vengeance113818d ago

Oh boy... your entitlement is showing! God why are "gamers" so awful these days.. smh

RaiderNation18d ago (Edited 18d ago )

You're entitled to your opinion but I don't think expecting more from Sony makes me entitled as a gamer. MS found a way to make it work with 360 games, Sony should find a way to make it work with PS3 games. Why should we just accept this streaming solution when you and I both know that a better solution is achievable if Sony just would've invested the time and money into developing it the way MS did? I accepted this on PS4 but with the extra horsepower of PS5, a native solution should be achievable. I really thought when the PS5 launched we would get this and I'm greatly disappointed to now learn that Sony just doesn't give a rats ass.

ABizzel117d ago (Edited 17d ago )


I don't disagree with some of your points, but I also don't fully agree with them either. The problem is from a business standpoint, it's not worth the development and R&D to do it. Xbox 360 BC on Xbox One was 1.5% of the user base, being extremely generous that's less than 1 millions players using a feature that likely cost millions on R&D that could have gone to a new IP.

Another thing is Xbox is run by Microsoft one of the largest (if not THE largest) software and engineering companies in the world, that happens to sell hardware and consumer electronics. PlayStation is ran by Sony which is currently more of an Entertainment company, that happens to sell hardware and consumer electronics. This is not an area of expertise where they have hundreds/thousands of software engineers sitting around to work on a solution for this. Especially when it's not a profitable endeavor.

I'm all for PS3 BC, but many of those games don't hold up well, because the HD era was a hard learning transition for nearly every studio early on. A better and instant solution is rebranding PSNow into a hybrid type service with parts of PS+ Collection, PSNow, and GamePass. Charge monthly $10 - $20, and start with a decent pool of games across all generations (at least 100) that adds around games to the collection every month. Offer "best of versions" of all games so that way you use cross-gen versions of PS3 games instead of the base version (which from a technical perspective would be inferior). For example, offer Uncharted Collection's 1, 2, and 3 as the "best of version" instead of the PS3 versions in the PS3 section, and that way you can get your "PS3 games" in 1080p instead of 720p and often times at 60fps instead of 25 ~ 30fps. There are over 100 cross-gen PS3 games, and that's a much better start than spending 3 - 5 years trying to emulate PS3 and still not be able to have full compatibility. And with the money, they make from the subscription if that's the route they want to go they can, or they can invest in full remakes / sequels to some lost franchises.

crazyCoconuts18d ago

I'm not passionate about downloading games from 10 years ago. Streaming is fine.

crazyCoconuts18d ago

@phoenix, has anyone ever called you a .... who am i kidding, of course they have

knightedHollow18d ago

All ps4 games are downloadable

RaiderNation18d ago (Edited 18d ago )

I know. But PS3 games are not and that would be the whole point of me subscribing in the first place. I already own all the PS4 games I care to play and I really have no interest in playing PS2 games. However there are several PS3 games I wouldn't mind revisiting but not via streaming. Like I said before, there's no excuse as to why in 2021 Sony doesn't have this figured out, at least for PS5.

And aside from the streaming issue, there are still several PS3 exclusives that are inexplicably missing from the service. You have Resistance 3 but not 1 and 2?? That makes no sense at all. Where's Mod Nation Racers? Where's Metal Gear Solid 4? Where's Motorstorm 1 and 2?

Microsoft got this figured out years ago! Their 360 BC games play natively. Oh and they're upscaled to look better. Oh AND they run at higher frames. Compared to MS this is complete amateur hour over at Sony.

Christopher18d ago

Moderately functioning RPCS3 which crashes regularly and plays at low performance while running on a higher clock speed CPU than what's in the PS5. They say as much in their YouTube video descriptions, by the way.

RaiderNation18d ago

Again TWO amateur programmers got at least a version up and running. You're telling me that with all of Sonys resources and hundreds of software engineers they couldn't find a solution? I don't buy it.

crazyCoconuts18d ago

Maybe PS3 emulation just isn't on their roadmap because they feel streaming is good enough for some relatively large percent of the relatively small percent of people that care about PS3 games anymore. Maybe they've decided to have those developers work on some yet to be announced new feature/game/technology that is meant to blow our mind - some new VR feature or audio magic...

Christopher17d ago (Edited 17d ago )

***Again TWO amateur programmers got at least a version up and running. You're telling me that with all of Sonys resources and hundreds of software engineers they couldn't find a solution? I don't buy it.***

1. They're not amateurs. Calling them amateurs is ridiculous and hypocritical. These are people who have training and understanding and do coding for a living. If LBJ plays a basketball game without getting paid, he's still a professional basketball player.

2. Sony can't suddenly make CPUs fast enough to handle the SPUs of the PS3 and throw them in PS5s without it costing way too much for a home console. Yes, I am telling you that. Guess who agrees? Developers.

3. Even the people behind the much easier to make Dolphin emulator put $10m of work into their emulator with an expected annual salary of $57k per developer (all 26 of them) and overhead costs. . I can only imagine the costs for a more complex emulator for PS3's SPUs and memory management complexities (the reason they just ported GoW3 and TLOU, btw).

4. Having said all that, I'm all for having Sony working on ways to make BC a thing. Especially PS1/PS2 titles. But, I'm just not unreasonable and understand the complexity of PS3 BC. It would be way easier for the third-party companies wo made these games for PC to make ports than to emulate them from the PS3.

JRMVN18d ago

Sony won't even bother tbh. As much as I want it to and always just go back to my old consoles instead, they'll never listen. I instead just wait for jailbreaks and help Sony out that way :).

Eonjay18d ago

Whey they give you that option... because lets face it, its going to happen, you better be happy mate lol.

RaiderNation18d ago

I absolutely will! It literally is the only thing keeping me from subscribing.

Flewid63818d ago

The only games you have to Stream are PS3 games. Everything PS4 and beyond is downloadable.

ocelot0718d ago

Ps now is fine in my opinion. PS2, PS4 games can be downloaded on PS4 and ps5. As for PS3 games I think streaming is just fine for them. I rather Sony focus on providing me with new features and games.

If it's PS3 games you are after then simply buy a PS3 if you don't have one. Or maybe give the RPCS3 guys another 10-15 years and maybe they can get their emulator perfect.

RaiderNation17d ago (Edited 17d ago )

" I rather Sony focus on providing me with new features and games."

Why do people act like this is an either/or proposition? Do you not think Sony is large enough and has enough resources to do both? I think that's just a way of rationalizing an inferior solution.

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monkey60218d ago

Most of the games I want to play on PSNow are PS3 titles so this is a welcome move from me. I would rather download them fully but if this works as smooth as it does in 720p for me then I'll be happy

Stanjara18d ago

Movies and 1080p game stream for Ps Now?
Sony is running around from what gamers really want.

It's nice... but I'm not feeling it.

sinspirit17d ago

"What gamers really want"

Gamers want games. Are they not fulfilling that? We got a great launch line-up, included game, and many big games coming within the first year or two.

Stanjara17d ago

What gamers want out of paying for PS Now is to be able to download and play ps1,2,3 and 4 games.

These moves only buys them time.
Ryan no1 job is to reply to Gamepass.
Gamepass is a boss fight.
We are talking about PS now.

Otherwise games are great and coming.

Tacoboto18d ago

I'm curious what kind of server hardware is powering PS Now - if actual PS3 chips are used or if it's being emulated by much stronger server chips.

We know that xCloud is/was using Xbox One S blades ('Spring' being the transition to Series X, but it's hard to know how stock affected that plan), and they just started BC Streaming so maybe that transition is already underway (but The Medium as the only Series exclusive is not Cloud enabled).

cammers199517d ago

The servers are powered by a cluster of hundreds of PS3 consoles. Seriously.

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