Tales of Arise Gets Lots of New Screenshots, Editions & Pre-Order Bonus Details, & More

Today Bandai Namco followed up on yesterday's reveals of Tales of Arise with new screenshots, details about the editions, and more.

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Lore16d ago

What on earth is going on with the European vs American editions? Highway robbery

autobotdan15d ago

Yeah that's wierd. The exclusive European Hootle edtion is strange and very different from the American collectors edition in content. Vastly different physical and digital content. Very Strange.

Lore15d ago

I actually don’t even mind that they have an extra edition for their region, the odd aspect is that the collector’s edition of ours does not come with all the dlc that does with the euro one. Lol I mean it’s not even going through a manufacturing process so what’s the deal

Knightofelemia15d ago

I can't wait for September for Tales of Arise to release I want it now lol

autobotdan15d ago (Edited 15d ago )

Already preordered collector's edtion. Can't wait for those awsome character statue figures. Steelbook looks nice too but I wish it included all 'Digital Ultimate Edition' DLC. It's a shame