How Resident Evil 8 Could Surpass its Predecessor

Devin Rardin: These possible gameplay updates and story progressions may elevate Village far beyond the heights of Resident Evil 7. Here are 5 ways Resident Evil Village can surpass Resident Evil 7.

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SullysCigar18d ago

Easy. Give it PSVR2 day one support and it will trounce RE7, as great as that game is.

LeeFender18d ago

I am kind of baffled how the Village version doesn't have VR support out of the box and neither does the PC version. Makes no sense to me.

CrimsonWing6917d ago (Edited 17d ago )

It probably will when PSVR 2 comes out.

Like I can see them showcasing games for it and then making a surprise announcement whenever they do some kind of State of Play for the unveiling.

Bobertt17d ago

They are probably still working on the VR mode considering this one had Re Verse and the Mercenaries mode to get ready for launch and it might be longer too. If they save it for PSVR2 iit will help sell it if it's a launch title.

Demphlon17d ago

I see folks playing Morrowind in VR on Youtube. Did Morrowind come with Vr support?

Petebloodyonion17d ago

I really hope for a PSVR2 special unveiling (and probably a way to ask more money for the VR DLC) but if it's the price to pay to have the game in VR I will pay it since I bought the old PSVR on day 1 just for RES7 and it was all worth it.

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iplay1up218d ago

PSVR2, won't even be out yet when this game releases next month! There is no date set for PSVR2's release.

SullysCigar18d ago

That's not what I said. The day the PSVR2 comes out, this game needs to be playable on it. VR was a game changer for RE7 and playing it's sequel flat will feel wrong for me now.

Petebloodyonion17d ago

Expect an announcement for a special DLC with the PSVR2 It would give the device Starpower and allow Cacpom to charge again for the DLC since it will be called a DLC (Like DriveClub).

Orchard18d ago (Edited 18d ago )

They’re talking about it in terms of environment, characters, gameplay - things that everyone experiences.

Adding PSVR support is only going to benefit a tiny percentage of players.

BABY-JEDI18d ago

If you’ve played RE7 on PSVR. Then you would understand that VR is a game changer for this genre.

Orchard17d ago

I didn't say it isn't a game changer - it is - but only for <= 3% of gamers...

ApocalypseShadow17d ago (Edited 17d ago )

You mean RE8 VR won't benefit a naysayer who mostly supports Xbox. You have no idea how many PSVR headsets will sell. So your nonsense 3% for something not on the market yet makes you seem bitter.

Everyone here that has played RE7 knows what VR would do for this game. You can play on an 8K TV, turn the sound all the way up on your headphones. And it would never come close to what VR would do for this game.

Orchard17d ago (Edited 17d ago )

@ApocalypseShadow my 3% estimation was based on the current adoption of PSVR. Which as you said, the follow up headset isn't on sale yet, so that is a fair metric.

There's also a similar adoption rate on Steam, so it's not like this number is wildly off both past sales of PSVR and sales of competing products in the space (albeit on a more popular VR platform).

I mainly game on PS, shrug, I didn't realize not liking VR / thinking VR is the future somehow meant you don't like Sony. Sony do a lot of things other than VR, and a lot of companies make VR/AR devices who are not Sony.

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BABY-JEDI18d ago

If Sony doesn’t make a deal to get Resident Evil 8 on PSVR2. Then I won’t be buying a PSVR2.

Duke1917d ago

I for one, had 0 interest in RE7 but am fascinated by RE8. The whole world of this game just seems so much more interesting to me.

CrimsonWing6917d ago (Edited 17d ago )

I was a fan of 7 and just replayed it, finishing it last night and I can tell you from the Village demo and the trailers 8 already surpasses 7. More variety of enemies, far more interesting environments, antagonists that are way more charismatic (I liked Jack, but the rest of the villains in 7 were throwaway), it has a sniper rifle, looks to be a much beefier game, and I have a feeling it'll have better boss encounters.

The one thing I'm not seeing that everyone else does is Ethan having more of a personality and being a compelling character now. I didn't get that at all from the demo or trailers. Sure, he talks a bit more, but the delivery is terrible especially compared to the NPCs' performances.

I just cannot get into Ethan as a character, but thankfully Redfield will carry it... hopefully.

Petebloodyonion17d ago

Here's reason #1 that Resident Evil 8 can't surpass Resident Evil 7 unless done
Virtual reality.