PlayStation and Firewalk Studios announce publishing partnership for a new, original multiplayer IP

Firewalk’s AAA team sets its sights on creating memorable multiplayer moments for players.

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StoneyYoshi269d ago

Curious to know what they have up their sleeve. Sony really needs a hit MP game... Thats where they have been lacking the most.

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sourOG269d ago

New team I’m guessing? It didn’t show any previous work aside from credentials from other studios.What did their other non-AAA teams make?

Viking_mo269d ago

I think these guys are the former destiny devs.

StoneyYoshi269d ago

Read the blog post and your questions will be answered.

sourOG269d ago (Edited 269d ago )

I did read it and my questions were not answered... that’s why I asked....

I have not heared of provablymonsters before. I’m asking what they have made. I don’t care if they produced bioshock infinite before they were there lol.

StoneyYoshi269d ago

"New team I’m guessing?"
"As a next-generation AAA studio and part of the ProbablyMonsters family, we’ve carefully assembled an amazing and diverse team of best-in-class talent who are focused on creating these moments."
Thats your answer to question 1. Probably Monsters is the parent company and Firewalk Studios one of the 3 teams.

Second question isn't directly answered in the post but if you are that curious to know like I was, you can just go to Probably Monsters website and you can see that all of their teams and only two of the three are officially named.

"Based in our new headquarters located in the scenic Bellevue, Washington, our first two teams, Cauldron Studios™ and Firewalk Studios™, are each developing their own inaugural AAA next-gen franchises. Our third team, not yet named, is focusing on a next-gen co-op RPG for its first project."

"I have not heard of proablymonsters before. I’m asking what they have made."
Nothing... They were created in 2017. Again if you were so curious you could have looked this up and found out in the time it took you to type the questions on here.

sourOG269d ago (Edited 269d ago )

Or maybe I’m at work and somebody that already knew could easily answer instead of being a snarky douche. Why even bother responding aside from being a tool for no reason? That question took me 10 seconds, how long did it take you to write that essay?

StoneyYoshi269d ago (Edited 269d ago )

Yep, go right on ahead with your sour name calling....

Took me about 5 minutes while I was eating my lunch on break. Not much of an essay though... 90% of that was copy and paste too. Oh, and while I was being a Snarky douche and a tool I still took the time to get your questions answered for you mate.... you're welcome.

I agree that I could have been better about it but it is what it is at this point. Cheers!

sourOG269d ago

I mean it’s true though lol. That was some miserable dork shit.

I read the article, asked the question and put my phone away. That’s why it took me two hours to see you telling me to read the article I just read. Followed by a “do your own research”. Is that not some miserable dork shit? Lol

“ Nothing... They were created in 2017.”
Yes you did and I thank you. This was all you needed to say. I was guessing it was a new team and just wanted confirmation from somebody that knew. If nobody answered i was going to look it up later. Harmless question lol.

No hard feelings cheers

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TGGJustin269d ago

Oh but PlayStation only cares about sure bets and HUGE blockbusters. Yeah I said that story was way overblown. Sony continues to invest in different projects and new IP. That was never going to stop.

crazyCoconuts269d ago

I don't know - so many exclusive MP games have died for lack of a sizable user base. Not being cross-platform MP these days is a tough nut when you're going against the big boys out there.

-Foxtrot269d ago

It better be skill based

Not like every online game out there

Make it like Uncharted 2...more about skill than unlocks

Outside_ofthe_Box269d ago

Or like Killzone 2, all about skill, none about unlocks. . .

Dirtnapstor269d ago

Killzone 2 had fantastic mp. So many good memories. However it was done, the weighty feel of the guns was perfect. There was a slight learning curve to this more realist feel. Hoping Guerrilla will revisit the franchise at some point.

GottaBjimmyb269d ago (Edited 269d ago )

Uncharted 2 is your go to for proper MP? That's a low bar. I mean, I know on this site that will be unpopular to say, but yikes.

-Foxtrot269d ago (Edited 269d ago )

Whoever said anything about proper?

Uncharted 2s multiplayer was amazing, it was fun and played almost exactly like the main game.

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