Metal Gear Online 2 is once again playable, now on PC via RPCS3

While Konami took down the servers (and discontinued) Metal Gear Online 2, this online mode from Metal Gear Solid 4 is once again playable.

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DarXyde14d ago (Edited 14d ago )

I'm gonna need a rig soon.

Loved MGO. This, Warhawk, and Killzone 2 was my online fix for ages.

Sniperwithacause14d ago

I was addicted to those games also! I would love to just play some team sneak again on the ps3.

jeromeface14d ago

well, ps3 mgo is dead... long live emu mgo!

Magatsuhi14d ago

Just remember that on pc the game is very cpu dependant so try looking into builds with a good cpu. You could also join the discord and they might be able to recommend a good cpu. I hear people can get almost a steady 60fps with 3900x.

TheColbertinator14d ago

MGO 2 was intense. Me and my riot shield providing cover for my backup snipers was always fun

Orchard14d ago (Edited 14d ago )

And yet we still can’t play our MGS4 disks via back compat in official Sony hardware because emulating the CELL is too hard for a multi billion dollar company with some of the best engineers.

Loved MGO though - it was seriously underrated!

CDbiggen14d ago (Edited 14d ago )

I spent most matches just tranquilizing dudes from across the map lol.
If my 8700k can pull it off, I'll be giving this a go.