Jim Ryan says "We will make sure the PS5 has more exclusive software than ever before”

Jim Ryan recently had an interview with Nikkei where he talked about the PS5’s performance and how the company will handle the platform in Japan.

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18d ago
BenRC0118d ago

Just words till we see some proof. Indie shovelware doesn't count.

Flewid63818d ago

According to the dictionary, it does. Exclusive is exclusive. lol.

RosweeSon18d ago

Returnal, ratchet and that’s just in the next
Month or so 😑

Christopher17d ago

Which is it?!? Did Sony abandon Indies or is it just Indie shovelware? I can't keep up with the changing arguments.

TheEnigma31317d ago (Edited 17d ago )

this isn't MS. Sony has proven themselves for 4 gens now spanning almost 27 years in gaming.

SpineSaw17d ago

Ummm see Xbox GamePass for the "Indie Shovelware".

Bathyj17d ago

I guess 25 years of history isn't enough for you. Tough crowd.

knightedHollow17d ago

That can't be said about Sony based on their track on the other hand...

TheTony31617d ago (Edited 17d ago )

Sony launched with Demon Souls, Miles Morales and Astro's playroom. They're about to release Returnal and Ratchet and Clank. On top of that, they've secured FF16, FF7 Intergrade and Kena as console/timed exclusives. And this is just the PS5 btw. Sony has been releasing great games for 25 years now. How much more proof do you need? lol.

bouzebbal17d ago

All I need to hear.. Sony delivers!!
And more than ever?? Can't wait to see what they have in Stock..

SullysCigar17d ago

PlayStation have had more exclusives for VR alone in just the past year than some consoles get in an entire generation. Let that sink in.

Army_of_Darkness17d ago


BRO, you say that like as if Sony has been lacking in exclusives in past generations?! 🤣😂 Personally for me, I can totally see a lot more exclusives coming to ps5.

ScootaKuH17d ago

Wrong article. This comment deserves to be in an xbox article. They're the ones who consistently promise then don't deliver.

S2Killinit17d ago

I think you are confusing PlayStation with xbox.

Thundercat7717d ago

25 years in the market and how they have delivered every generation is proof enoight for me.

This is not Xbox , who relies on empty promises and keeping their fans waiting and waiting.

derek17d ago

@Ben, 23 studios and still no games.

zackeroniii17d ago

where is that "proof" on xbox buddy boy?

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AngelicIceDiamond18d ago

Same. Once this gen truly gets off the ground I truly think this will be one of the best gens exclusive wise for Sony imo.

Jin_Sakai17d ago

Now this is what I like to hear! Jim has been saying some good things lately.

CaptainHenry91617d ago

Didn't Don Mattrick say the same thing with a big smile on his face that looked like this 🤡

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I_am_Batman18d ago (Edited 18d ago )

I highly doubt that's possible to be honest. PS1 and PS2 had a crazy amount of 3rd party exclusives. The hardware differences between different platforms were much more significant during those generations and creating ports wasn't nearly as straight forward as it is today. Not to mention that the incentive to port games wasn't that big to begin with, because Playstation was so dominant during that time. Only way I could see them getting anywhere near those numbers is by investing in a ton of indies.

Viking_mo18d ago

Thats exactly my thought. No way they can dish that much out especially from third party. If they can, Holy sh*t they'll have 100s of owned IPs from third party

neutralgamer199218d ago


Death loop
Tokyo ghostwire

Just in the first year 3rd party exclusives. Also one thing to keep in mind back than sony didn't own all these studios so now they don't have to depend on 3rd party exclusives as much.

On topic:

Not surprised ryan understands what it takes to dominate so even though he maybe a numbers guy he Knows how to get those numbers high. I fully expect sony to invest heavily in acquisitions and buying up timed exclusives

gamer780418d ago

Those are timed exclusives though

DOMination-17d ago

The magic of gaming has gone over the last two generations and that is partly because the consoles from Sony and Microsoft have been near identical in both hardware and software.

Back in the N64//PS1/Saturn days, there were genuinely exclusives releasing every week on all of the consoles. And the same can be said for Dreamcast/Gamecube/PS2/Xbox era. If you go further back, it's even more diverse but I'm trying to stick to consoles here. So many unique exclusives for each platform which gave them a true identity. Since then though, the entire industry has stagnated massively.

It's good that PS5 has a few games coming out (and they look great too) but it's funny how easily pleased people have become. We were truly spoilt back then and sadly with each passing generation the excitement and magic fades further.

Maybe a crash will bring about a new dawn and rebalance development costs and time.

someone7217d ago

3/4 on your list are absolutely coming to series x, with 2 coming to gamepass.

A timed exclusive isnt an exclusive and as a multiconsole owner, im fiine with waiting on deathloop and ghostwire to be on gamepass in a year. FF16 ill likely buy on ps5. Same goes with Kena which looks pretty cool.

And sony may buy up a lot of timed exclusives, but ms will buy up studios and publishers. Neither is really good for us gamers.

I honestly prefer to play on my series x, but at the end of the day it doesnt truly matter where games are.

neutralgamer199217d ago (Edited 17d ago )


I agree I never said they were permanently exclusives but they are exclusive for most likely a year where Sony has a business can take advantage and sell their console. I personally am against paying for time to exclusives I believe that same money should be spent on developing sequels or new IP's because paying for a timed exclusive gives you benefit for very short period of time while owning the IP and making further games can make that brand much stronger

But sadly timed exclusives are a thing now and they are here to stay because the competition is so stiff weather right or wrong


While I agree with you and your point but I think if we remove the nostalgia and look at it now the quality of games is much higher now than back in that time period. But then again the greed now is much stronger than back then from these publishers

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DarXyde18d ago (Edited 18d ago )

I don't know why people disagree. It's true. A ton of first and third party titles poured into those consoles. Cheaper, faster, simpler games to make.

PS5 has definitely made it easier for devs, but the world building is so much more complex now, and the console capability creates a massive expectation. For context, game development output on PS2 was so much higher that we got 3.5 Devil May Cry games and 2 MGS titles in a standard length generation.

17d ago
DarXyde17d ago


Well, I'm very partial to PlayStation. Love the games and consistency they've delivered since PSOne. I know where my biases are, so if the issue is that people are not on their knees for Sony, that's a problem. I don't love PlayStation because they're PlayStation. I love PlayStation because they're reliable and I never regret owning one.

That said, there are some objective truths and people ought not ignore them. this claim by Ryan, knowing PS5 is said to have a traditional lifespan, I mean, c'mon. Realistically, how are you going to have a console with more exclusives than ever? Does he actually know how many were on PS1/PS2? There's no way we're talking about an abundance of AAA titles. I wouldn't be upset about the return of 'AA' titles at all, but people need to temper their expectations, especially when Ryan hasn't exactly been straightforward with us.

Flewid63818d ago

While the rest of the ecosystem is making multiplats for everyone, Sony can just do their thing and pump out exclusives.

It aint the 90s anymore.

Sunny_D17d ago

I'm pretty sure he was referring to the PS4. Jim Ryan doesn't really want to associate too much with any playstation before the PS4 lol.

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aaronaton18d ago

Finally..a statement i can get behind!

CaptainHenry91618d ago

He means more AAA western studio exclusive.

Pretty sad he sidelined most japanese studio.

Nyxus18d ago

"PlayStation 5 has a lot of software by Japanese developers from early on. And going forward, I would like to strengthen our ties with Japanese developers and release content for PlayStation 5 suited to the Japanese market."

ABizzel118d ago

He sidelined PS Japanese studio, for deals with Square, Capcom, Konami, etc...

You have FF16, Forspoken, Ghostwire: Tokyo, and potentially more to come like Silent Hill, whatever else they're working on with Konami, Capcom, Atlus, etc..., because they no longer are funding multi-million dollar projects through PS Japan who was putting out niche content (that may have been solid / experimental), but wasn't bringing in sales.

So I don't see where sidelining Japanses studios. They just going with more mainstream Japanses games adn franchises.

Vengeance113818d ago

Way to drink that mainstream narrative kool-aid! Jim Ryan bad man, cry cry lol

18d ago
Atticus_finch18d ago

So we are going to pretend western AAA aren't any good.

SockeyBoy18d ago

Are you Kenneth Sim? or did you steal this comment from Facebook? There is a guy on the Gamespot page with the same comment.

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Relientk7718d ago

Sounds great to me. Hopefully a variety of games and genres. Bring on the games.