How Tales of Arise Reboots the Classic RPG Series

Tales of Arise Producer Yusuke Tomizawa talks about the classic RPG franchise's debut on PS5 and Xbox Series X while providing fresh details about the combat and the soundtrack.

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autobotdan23d ago

Already got the collectors edition preordered from bandai namco store

KingofBandits23d ago

Same. Got the PS5 version. I feel this one might be really special like on a Vesperia level and these editions will sell out and go for double and triple in the months that follow.

jznrpg23d ago

Me too I got the PS5 version.

autobotdan23d ago

This was a good read. I am glad they are not abandoning all the classic comedy conversation skits. I like that the graphics engine is vastly improved from the previous Playstation 3 tales

Snookies1223d ago

The skits are some of the best moments in Tales games. Without them, it just wouldn't be the same.

andy8523d ago

Finally a release date! Nice to see they are finally embracing the new generation on release too unlike PS3/PS4 generation. It will look beautiful in 4K/60

KingofBandits23d ago

Yes BIG props to Namco for putting out a dedicated new gen physical release unlike *cough* Ryza 2.

andy8523d ago

I can forgive that more as part 1 only came out a year earlier. This is 5 years in the making and being Tales, I didn't expect a next gen version on release

FallenAngel198423d ago

Unlike the PS3 gen? Tales of Vesperia on Xbox 360 was a step up above titles from the previous gen and Tales of Xillia on PS3 was a step moreso

PS4 didn’t have any Tales of titles developed specifically for it until Tales of Arise

andy8523d ago

My point was on Playstation hardware you don't get a brand new gen version right away normally. Remember Tales of Xillia was 5 years after the PS3 came out. Vespiria didn't even come out on PS3 outside Japan and even in Japan it was a year later than release. And that's my point, it took until the PS5s being out for one to come out specifically for the PS4. Which is why I'm pleased and surprised it has a next gen version too

FallenAngel198423d ago

Tales of Arise was going to get released in 2020 before the new consoles released but was delayed to 2021 because COVID had impacted their development process.

The game is being released on PS5 & XSX/S because it’s relatively easy to port games on the same x86 architecture and they want to maximize the success of this latest title. It’s the same reason they also ported Tales of Zestiria to PS4. It’s just so happens to be releasing in PS5’s first year as opposed to Zestiria releasing in PS4’s second year because of timing.

If there’s anything you should be surprised about it’s that we’re getting a worldwide release with this new titlr

antikbaka23d ago

the thing is - it doesn't.

it's just a new engine. But animation is non existent, art is bleak, and music... just listen to Nier or Octopath soundtrack first and then Tales of Arise, and you'll see what real orchestrated music should be like

Snookies1223d ago

You're picking out the "cream of the crop" mentioning Nier and Octopath... Of course it isn't going to be hitting that legendary status of music. However, Tales games have some really great themes as well. You have only heard a couple songs off of this game's OST. You can't knock its music without even hearing 5% of the soundtrack.

I will agree that I was hoping for more of a drastic change, but it still looks like a big step up for the Tales series.

BlaqMagiq123d ago

Day 1 for PS5. This game looks to be an absolute banger.