Fairy Tail & Edens Zero Creator & Square Enix Announce New JRPG Gate of Nightmares for iOS & Android

Today Square Enix announced a new JRPG for iOS and Android titled Gate of Nightmares, supported by a rather stellar production staff.

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SDuck21d ago

The secret to success for a mangaka seems to be making slight changes to a character, recolor it and call it a day for a new IP. This dude and DBZ's creator have found this themselves

Outlawzz21d ago

That's the style of the artist. They define themselves that way. Not any secret for success, it's like their brand

SDuck21d ago

I know, I wasn't being serious but tbh they (mainly this guy more so than Toriyama) don't give their characters unique enough looks. Just look at Edens Zero, the main cast is literally Natsu, Lucy and Happy reshaded. One thing is having a unique style, another thing is to rehash designs

Teflon0221d ago

I'm assuming you don't draw or design characters. You literally have a style and if someone can't tell it's you from your art, you don't have much of a style. Hiro's style has changed alot over the years but he finally found his own and sticks with it. His early stuff looked more like one piece and even fairy tails style was more like that originally.

Just like Akira with Dragon ball and everything he designs for like Chrono trigger, and Dragon quest. Or whatever that girls name who did Inuyasha. All her designs are similar. But for some reason everyone is down Hiro's neck for having a style lol

SDuck21d ago

TL;DR: sorry, I should've really added /s there. I wasn't being serious but I can't edit it now

AnnaDea21d ago

Natsu and Erza in another dimension xD

ArnoDorian21d ago

why its gotta be mobile. atleast on switch too then

Teflon0221d ago

Wish he'd design for a console game that's not going to be some cheap anime to game thing