Sakura Wars Mobile Game Sakura Revolution Shutting Down in June, 7 Months After Its Release

Today Sega announced that the latest Sakura Wars game Sakura Revolution: Blooming Maidens will be shutting down soon.

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Positivelypositive 19d ago

I know mobile is the "future" but its so bloated with garbageware and gacha that I can't even download a new game on there because every damn game is a 3.5 to 4.5 rating with the worst descriptions and pictures they could possibly put up. Every game on mobile feels like a bait and switch and its no fun. They gotta clean that up if they expect to be taken seriously as a gaming platform. (Talking about droid no idea what its like on apple but its a huge turn off as a gamer on droid currently. I would buy a game literally anywhere else than the play store.)