Watch The First 45 Minutes Of Returnal On PS5

Join Alex Van Aken from GameInformer for your first look at the upcoming PS5 game.

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Aquafiniac19d ago (Edited 19d ago )

Bro was the game running in the background already or is the load time that fast, pretty impressive.

I like the fast pace of this game man. Looks crazy.
Kind of reminds me of nier, when some of the bosses is blasting you with those balls.

ArchangelMike19d ago

I'm so not watch 45 mnuites of gameplay. I've already seen to much and know too much about this game/. I got my pre-order locked don and I'm reafy to xrash land on Atropos next week :)

Einhander197118d ago

This game supposedly loads fast, less than 20 seconds from a cold start.