JPP: Left 4 Dead review

Andrew Johnson writes:

"Left 4 Dead is an amazingly fun and entertaining game. I recommend that everyone buy this title as soon as they can. They will not regret it--it's not scary, but the atmosphere is pitch-perfect for the subject-matter. The characters are packed with personality, and even after hearing "I'm reloading" near-constantly for almost three hours it still doesn't irritate me. That's an accomplishment. Valve's most recent game is just as good as the rest of its library, and that's saying something. The bottom line is that if you enjoy games of any kind, you'll enjoy Left 4 Dead. You say you don't have a rig expensive enough to run recent games? You can run Left 4 Dead without a hitch. You say you don't like shooters? You've nothing to worry about, Left 4 Dead sets itself apart from the recent flood of shooters through its attention to detail, and emphasis on simplicity and the fun of plowing down the undead for hours with your friends."

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