Metal Gear Solid Voice Actor David Hayter Says Remake is Happening According to his Insider

Long time voice actor of Metal Gear Solid Snake David Hayter recently shared some interesting news in regards to the rumored possible remake of the game.

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Nyxus526d ago

I really hope this is true. A remake of MGS1 would be awesome. Could look something like this: https://www.metalgearinform...

However, this is Konami we're talking about so I remain a bit sceptical for now.

Gardenia526d ago

The intro with the music and voice actor already brings tears to my eyes. The nostalgia is strong for me with this game.

525d ago
Orchard526d ago

Excited if true, but it's Konami - so I guess we'll get the unveiling of MGS1 remake Pachinko.

metalhead526d ago

Not sure if I want 2021 Konami touching my childhood.

CrimsonWing69525d ago

I’m pretty sure touching your childhood is a crime.

Yi-Long526d ago

Really hope IF they release a remake, they'll include an option for the Japanese voices this time.

jznrpg525d ago

Not sure why you got downvoted , I would also appreciate this option

IrishScotsman32526d ago

Yesssss....more remakes. Thank god no one can come up with an original idea. Keep flooding the market with remakes and sequels.

Terry_B526d ago

In the case of some of the best games of the past it really can't hurt to create remakes with the technology from today.

giveyerheadawobble526d ago

It's a sad indictment of the industry when in the previous generation, the best games I played were mostly all remakes. Game design in modern games has gone down the shitter.

Rebel_Scum526d ago

PS1 era and earlier is ok for the remake treatment. I agree there’s too many being done now. Reboots would be better.

andy85525d ago

You say it like no one makes new games. I don't know about anyone else but I love to play my childhood games in a new light. Returnal is out in about a week. Pretty sure that's a new idea

Sgt_Slaughter525d ago

There's plenty of brand new innovative games coming out, you just need to go out and play them instead of claiming they don't exist.

Muzikguy525d ago

Buy them as well. Otherwise less will exist

roadkillers525d ago

I would tend to agree, but games really do not hold up like books, music, or movies. I recently replayed the masterpiece that is RE4 and it could use some updates.

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The story is too old to be commented.