Where is Lara Croft in Fortnite – grappler bow location

From PCGamesN: "Want to know where Lara Croft is in Fortnite? A new Fortnite weapon was added to the game recently: the grappler bow. While this exotic bow isn’t very helpful for eliminating players, it is very handy for getting to high places as a fully charged shot will fling you across small gaps or on top of buildings. In many ways it’s similar to the grappling gun from past updates, only you need to charge up a shot."

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Powlowski20d ago

To get it though, you must find Lara Croft – one of the many NPCs in the map – and buy it off her. She is the only NPC currently that sells the grappler bow, and there is no alternative way to reliably nab the weapon. You may get lucky and find one an opponent had on them just before they were eliminated, but this is highly unlikely.

Rebel_Scum20d ago

She's probably in her mansion locking her butler in the walk in fridge.