UK Gamers Cry Out for 'Core' 20GB PS3

They may now have put their fears of any further PS3 delay to rest, but some UK gamers still have a few special requests for Sony.

Following the endless bemoaning of the high price point of PlayStation 3 in the UK - considerably more expensive than in the United States and Japan - there is now something of an outcry for the lower-end 20GB version of the machine to release in the UK market.

Sony's launch plans for PS3 were announced last week, but the 20GB 'core' model, which stores one third of the data of the premium version and has fewer media capabilities to enjoy, was nowhere in sight for any of the European plans.

In Japan and America, demand for the 20GB model has been reasonably strong, and in many cases a vital way for gamers to get their hands on the machine at a more affordable price.

UK players have already started petitioning Sony to make the lower-priced unit available, while shop owners agree that the 20GB version is needed - but say that launching initially with just the premium 60GB model is a wise move.

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OutpostCommand4902d ago

Well, I personally dont know a single person who would want a 20GB version.

Grown Folks Talk4902d ago

like with me, my modem is in the same room as my systems. i don't need wi-fi. don't care about card readers, and you can change the hard drive on either. use the spare $100+ to upgrade the drive. more than likely you can attach a usb wireless adapter if you really need to. if you couldn't increase the hard drive size of the 20gig, i think it would be different.

OutpostCommand4902d ago

Hmm. I see.
Well, yeah, I can understand your situation. I would also go for 20GB if I were in your situation.

Odiah4902d ago

If in America the premium cost $850.

power of Green 4902d ago

They should have the same rights of buying the more affordable version if they so choose. It's BS!

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4902d ago

gives you choices! -__+ Why not $ony?

the_bebop4902d ago

This is old news we already know this already and once Sony find it hard to sell the PS3 in the PAL territories and most of the hard core fans and people who have money have bought it Sony will then release the 20GB version. The reason why the 60GB version is only selling first is so it is easier for them to provide and produce enough stock on launch for those who will by it first, and that way they wont run out of stock and to make sure they can still ship a steady supply of the console as time goes by.

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