Xbox controller drift lawsuit to be settled out of court

Microsoft's call for the case to be moved to arbitration was successful

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SullysCigar23d ago

At least they're acknowledging the issue, I guess. Hopefully they can fix the problem for future versions.

DJStotty23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

These lawsuits are for all controllers, xbox one, ninty's joycon, and the ps5 dualsense.

Arbitration clauses are so us as consumers can not make a claim against the manufacturers about issues with controllers.

DJStotty23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

"The firm also filed similar cases against Sony and Nintendo."

"The firm's separate filings against Nintendo's Joy-Con drift were also moved to arbitration back in March 2020."

So a controller wide issue as opposed to making it out like this is just a Microsoft issue, this is referring to the xbox one controller, and was most probably corrected with the redesign of the Series X controllers, moving on......

This is Sony's lawsuit for the brand new PS5 dualsense by the same company :-

"A US lawfirm has filed a class action lawsuit against Sony, alleging that the PS5 DualSense controller is defective due to drift, and that Sony was aware of the problem without disclosing it."

IRetrouk23d ago

You realise that the xbox series x pad uses the same sticks as the rest, right? They all use the same part from the same company...aint nothing been corrected lol

DJStotty23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

I just went by the article buddy, and when the lawsuit was filed April 2020, there was only mention of the xbox one controller, they may well be the same, but until the lawsuit refers to Series X controllers, then we will have to presume they have corrected the problem.

You do not need different parts, to fix a drift issue. Drifting in controllers, will probably never be fixed, it is down to the amount of use, force, and pressure exerted on the stick whilst playing, along with dust, dirt etc.

I'm not certain but i think on some controllers, if you are getting drift you can reset the x/y axis to stop it (i think, could be wrong)

IRetrouk23d ago

Don't take it as an attack on xbox or anything like that, cause its not, they haven't changed the parts that cause the problem, not nintendo, sony or ms, so no, they most certainly haven't corrected it, and I wouldn't assume they did seeing the exact same parts being used, these issues mostly stem from the actuators, unfortunately, like you say, not much can really be done to stop these going wrong with use. Some drift issues can be sorted with a reset, but its just a stopgap as eventually those parts wear even more.

DJStotty23d ago

Oh i know it is not an attack on xbox, just before the bashing barrage begins, advising people it is standard for most if not all analog stick controllers lol.

I don't think they will ever erase it completely, but they may be able to like you say, use different/newer parts to at least reduce the issue.

IRetrouk23d ago

I just think its a case of the parts that see the most use, suffer the most from wear, I too don't think it can ever be completely fixed, it's also why I don't think either of the 3 have sued the original parts manufacturer, atleast nothing I could find that points to it anyway.

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Aquafiniac22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

Lmao don’t be so defensive bro.
You do know Sony and Nintendo had similar articles here right.
I remember they made a bigger deal about there controllers then Xbox so calm down bro lol

ReignMan_2723d ago

If these companies made their analog sticks easily replaceable, wouldn't that resolve the stick drift issue to an extent? Would also mean that they would probably sell less controllers, but at least they would be making a pro consumer move imo.

IRetrouk22d ago

Yeah, would be much better for us, shame they can't be modular.

ED-E22d ago

Settling out of court is much cheaper, it's much faster out of the public eye as the settlement becomes confidential. Those who filled the lawsuit get their money, Microsoft doesn't need to commit to anything (at least not publicly) and the chance is high that they can't get sued for that again.

mch2011uk22d ago

My 24 year old PSOne controller has no drift all my original PS2 controllers have no drift. It is possible too make them without drifting they just don't want to

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