Game Revolution: Need For Speed Undercover

Game Revolution writes: "Any man of a certain age gets a special, indescribable tingle inside whenever he hears Goose and Maverick tell each other that they "feel the need, the need for speed!" It's the expression of a special love that only two men who share a cockpit can understand. And if not for that fatal flatspin, their "need for speed" might have blossomed into something truly magical, something needier and speedier than anyone could possibly imagine.

The Need for Speed series has always had a similar effect on me. The name alone is enough to summon up prepubescent fantasies of Kelly McGillis on a motorcycle. For a while, the Need for Speed games were the hotshots of the genre, buzzing the tower of much lesser street racing games. But after the release of Most Wanted, the series went into its own irrecoverable flatspin with its own failed ejection seat."

+ Cops and Robbers is briefly fun
+ Maggie Q looks nice
- Repetitive event types
- Frequent and severe framerate stuttering
- Pointless open-world environment
- Stiff, unresponsive driving physics

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